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(3935) Curt Sanford
Wed, 16 April 2014 20:04:04 +0000

Was listening to "Vincent" by Don McClean today and wondered if Tommy had any recordings of that song with his unique finger style?

ADMIN:  No, but Muriel Anderson has a fantastic fingerstyle version on one of her album.  When they have played together, Tommy plays this with her, but it's not recorded anywhere.


(3934) Timmy Jowers
Wed, 16 April 2014 18:08:26 +0000

I just spoke with the people at 3rd and Lindesy,the place where the Jerry Reed Tribute is taking place.They couldn't seem to tell me much about it.I would very much like to meet you for a couple of minutes maybe.I saw where you was doing the meet and greet thing.Please send me needed information to do so if possible.Thank you



ADMIN: We don’t know much about the Jerry Reed show either, but there are number of artists involved.  It’s not a big place and there will be no “formal” meet and greet for Tommy.  You could probably just go up to him at the venue and say hello.  

(3933) Joe Hannum
Wed, 16 April 2014 14:01:18 +0000

Dear Tommy,
When are you coming to Pennsylvania? Will you have a workshop, which I attended last year in conjunction with your performance in Phoenixville, PA, at the Colonial Theater? It was an experience that I will always remember.
Your website advertises an appearance at the Philadelphia Folk Festival in Schwenksville, PA in August 2014. However, no details are available and we do not want to miss you this year. Your show last year in Phoenixville was spectacular. I have become addicted to you and your music.
I am 74 years old and only began taking guitar lessons 3 years ago. I can appreciate the difficulty! Joe

(3932) Nikki
Wed, 16 April 2014 11:24:10 +0000

Hi again Tommy!
Re Budleigh Guitar Festival, a further call to the box office this morning prompted a call back to confirm the whole festival is cancelled. I believe steps are now being taken to let other ticket holders know too.
Look forward to seeing more UK dates on your schedule as soon as possible.
Have a good break over Easter!

(3931) Klaus Habermann
Wed, 16 April 2014 10:07:19 +0000

Hi Tommy, I'm a big fan of your Music, live in Austria (not Australia :-)) and since I attended a concert in Linz/Austria I begin to collect CDs and DVDs of your concerts. The DVD "Tommy Emmanuel live at Sheldon Concert Hall" seems to be available only in NTSC-Version. Since in Austria PAL is the TV-Standard I need to have this DVD in PAL. I tried to buy this DVD via Amazon and other different web-sits but without any success. Can you give me a hint? Keep on playing your wonderful music Klaus


The DVD is region 0 for all regions.  You can play it anywhere on any machine. You can buy it from and click on SHOP

(3930) Nikki
Wed, 16 April 2014 00:48:26 +0000

Hi Tommy
I bought a weekend ticket for Budleigh Guitar Festival back in February to see your performance, so was really disappointed to see on your site last Friday that it had been cancelled. I was intending to travel from Suffolk to attend.
Can you please confirm that it is the whole festival that has been cancelled rather than your performance only?
The facebook page for Gypsy Music Promotions has no mention of the cancellation and, so far, my email and phone messages to the Box Office asking for confirmation of the cancellation (and refund) have received no replies. I even tried Budleigh tourist information office today and as far as they knew it was still going ahead! They mentioned that there are people intending to travel from Newcastle to see you perform on the Saturday.
I'm concerned that lots of people are going to travel a long distance to Budleigh at the end of next week to enjoy a festival that is not taking place, many of them your fans. If you are in contact with the organiser would you please ask him to let people know the situation.
I look forward to your next performance that's within reach. The Shetlands are just too far I'm afraid!

(3929) David Hughes
Tue, 15 April 2014 22:18:00 +0000

I am currently refinishing an EKO Korral hand built 12 string concert guitar.
It belong to my brother who swapped an electric guitar for it. It was one of 14 made in 1979 and has an ebony fingerboard and ivory saddle. If you are ever in North Wales I would love you to try it out as it is one of the nicest 12 strings I have ever played.


Dave Hughes

(3928) Anton
Tue, 15 April 2014 10:38:40 +0000

Thank you for your russian tour! It was great concert in Obninsk! Thank you for your music and soul! We made 1000 miles to attend the concert and the same to back home, but we could make more!

Russia loves you!! :)

(3927) Justin
Mon, 14 April 2014 21:44:33 +0000

Your my hero.
I listen to your music every day,and just admire what you can do on an acoustic guitar.
Please come back to Belfast,Northern Ireland

(3926) Lynn Routzahn
Mon, 14 April 2014 15:16:49 +0000

I am Lynn Routzahn, 58 years old from Martinsburg West Virginia. A big fan of yours and also a guitar player, but this is not about me- this is about my lifelong friend and also guitar player ( a very very good one) Jimmy Long, who is 57 years old. We have played together since 1964 when we were 8-9 years old with our first guitars. We have played countless shows here in our area and are well known.
Jimmy has had serious health issues for the last year and spent extended time in the hospital due to arterial disease in his legs/feet. A while back I bought two tickets to your June 17 show at the Rams Head in Annapolis for us as sort of an incentive to raise his spirits. Just in the past week the doctors had to amputate his foot and this has been devastasting for him to say the least. All through this he and I have continued to look forward to the opportunity to attend your show June 17. I am only asking if your could somehow just recognize my friend Jimmy at some point, just give him a shout out or something. It would mean the word to him and I would be most sincerely grateful. Thank you and may God Bless