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(2915) Wendy Good
Thu, 4 April 2013 23:06:49 +0000

Mr. Emmanuel,

I just wanted you to know what an inspiration and blessing your music and sensitivity has been to me. I miscarried a baby just a week and a half ago, and your song Morning Aire was something I played almost all week. It gave me the space to grieve, but also to breathe deeply and see hope for the future. Your song, Angelina, has also been a blessing to me during this time.

It is apparent in your music that you have experienced pain, questioning, and grief, but it is joy that can be heard overall. Thank you for finding and expressing that joy through all that life has brought you. You help your listeners feel it too.

Thank you for paying the price that only you know you pay to bring your gift to so many.

Wendy Good

PS. Looking forward to seeing you live for our first time this October in Dallas, TX! WG

(2914) Erc Dunne
Thu, 4 April 2013 13:17:33 +0000

Dear Tommy,
Where to begin? My wife bought me tickets to see you when you played in Limerick recently with Martin Taylor. She even organised that I go on the meet and greet before the gig. I'm very lucky to have her.
But I really wanted to thank you. I know I joked when I met you that I had 5 strings to many on my 6 string guitar. I guess it summed up my frustration at wanting to learn and play, and learn to enjoy. I realised when I shook your hand that you do indeed have the same amount of fingers as I I may just have a chance to master the guitar!!!
All joking aside, thank you so much for your words of encouragement. Thank you for the most wonderful music...thank you for making it enjoyable, but most of all thank you for taking the time. Our world would be so much better with people like you affording small amounts of time to our youth, and people like me, to help us realise our goals and potentials. Can't wait until you come back to Ireland again.
Oh...... I will get my fingers to play "Angelina"...eventually!!!
Best wishes and respect.


(2913) Isabelle
Thu, 4 April 2013 01:32:11 +0000

Hi Tommy,
I saw you yesterday in Paris at La Cigale and was impressed by your performance. Thank you for this wonderful concert and though you speak little French you managed to make you understood. I will never forget your smile showing how much you enjoyed playing and being with us. I live close to the German and Luxembourg borders and came for the evening in Paris. Today I spoke to my students (15-16 year-olds) about you and I was pleased to learn that some had heard about you. I will look forward to listening to you again in the future .
Best regards

(2912) Peter Turner
Wed, 3 April 2013 05:49:05 +0000

Hi Tommy,
Saw you at the Leas Cliff in Folkstone. A great night was had by all. I love the way you play. The rhythm & dynamics you put into your playing is just fantastic. Next time your in the UK, I would love to see what could do with one of my guitars. If you fancy a blow on one next time you over, send me an Email
Don't think of a Resonator sound,it's a crossover to acoustic ( Mark Knopfler brought one so they all that bad ) Sorry to waffal on,keep up the good work & I'll look out for your next tour.

Regards Pete Turner

(2911) Greg
Tue, 2 April 2013 18:05:22 +0000

I wish you play in Poland :)

(2910) Pierre Bleau
Tue, 2 April 2013 17:18:09 +0000

Good day to you,

There is good place for a Montreal Show, in between end of April and 22nd of may....wish it could happen :-)

(2909) Maxim
Tue, 2 April 2013 12:40:47 +0000

Hi Tommy! Want you to listen in Ukraine, are you plan to visit our country? Hope you will ))) Great music, thanks a lot, you have brought another colours in my life )))

(2908) Dave Crawford
Mon, 1 April 2013 20:31:52 +0000

Hi Tommy
I was at your show in Edinburgh and enjoyed every minute of it. I forgive you for ruining my hobby (I have been playing guitar for 50 years) and realise to use a golfing analogy you are Tiger Woods and I am a 18 handicap hacker!!!
Man I'm jealous.

Thanks again

Dave Crawford (age 62 1/2) :)

(2907) Gary Irving
Mon, 1 April 2013 17:32:42 +0000

Hi Mr.Emmanuel,
My name is Gary, I am 20 and currently teaching myself guitar (along with a few other instruments). You have been a huge influence on my playing, and I have been trying to learn finger style. Sadly I am not practising and am not up to where I want to be in time for your show on the 25th at Dalhousie, but I am making it my goal to get up and pass where I want to be.
When I heard you were playing at Dalhousie I was quite excited that I was going to be able to see a legend, and that was what got me back to my instruments now. A chance to meet and greet with you would mean the world to me, just to be able to sit down with you for even a half hour to talk about my playing and how I can become so passionate and amazing at music like you.
Thank you for reading this,
Gary Irving

(2906) Henry Wilson
Mon, 1 April 2013 13:54:13 +0000

Saw you for the first time in Edinburgh on Thursday last (with Martin Taylor) at The Queens Hall. I cannot recall ever being at an music concert like it. Simply fantastic. You looked like you were having fun too. Come back to Edinburgh soon. Many thanks.