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(2848) Pam Mayhew
Tue, 19 March 2013 10:31:17 +0000

It is Rebecca and Martin's 20th Wedding Anniversary tomorrow - Wednesday 20th - and they are coming to your concert at Ipswich. Would you pleeeeeease give them a mention along with something "smoochy" - as I'm sure that this would make their day even more special!

We are all looking forward to seeing/hearing you again...
Many thanks

(2847) Paul Zec
Tue, 19 March 2013 01:34:46 +0000

HI Tommy I don't know weather you will see this or not but I have a guitar question. My oldest son is a guitar player and is going to study guitar at college next year. We are waiting to hear where but proabably Berklee in Boston or USC in California. In any case I want to get him an acoustic guitar for his graduation present. I was looking at Martins (OM)and Matons (ebg808)to possibly get him. I know you play mostly Maton guitars. My question is what kind of top does the older guitar that I always see you playing on youtube have. It is a tan color so I thought it might be cedar or is it spruce that has just aged to a darker color? I like the tone of that guitar quite a bit, it has aged very gracefully. I was thinking of getting him an EBG808C that I saw for sale but it would come from Austrailia so I am a little worried about it. I also hope to take him to see you in Hartford in June. Thanks in advance. Paul Zec


REPLY: Hi Paul, Tommy's guitars all have spruce tops. Some look darker from age, some have a custom stain. Tommy also plays Martin guitars but prefers the Maton because of how great they sound plugged in. Cheers, - TE Admin

(2846) Malik
Mon, 18 March 2013 10:30:13 +0000

Hi Tommy,

I'll just say I think your music is amazing, such a musical relief and a great great inspiration.

I really hope you will come by Denmark at one point again, because there is nothing like live music, and I'm sure, from the numerous youtube videos, that your concerts are undescribebably good and magical.

Thanks for the amazing music and the joy that comes along it!


(2845) Ulrik Staeger
Mon, 18 March 2013 09:05:22 +0000

Hi Tommy,

I know a guy in Sweden who has a Gibson LG-2 sunburst from 1948 for sale.


(2844) Alex Boothe
Mon, 18 March 2013 07:41:50 +0000

Dear Mr. Tommy Emmanuel CGP,

I know my message here will probably get mixed up with many others as things like this tend to do, but I'd like you to know how much your soulful music has meant to me. I have seen you bare it all for the crowd; no matter what happens. I love that about you. I know I may never meet you or talk to you or see your face or shake your hand but I want you to know that you are one of a dying breed. May God bless you mate.

Love, Alex

(2843) Craig McTaggart
Sun, 17 March 2013 12:10:14 +0000

Dear Tommy
Fantastic show in London last night, 16/3/13 and please tell Martin he was great as well, most entertaining guitar duo I,ve seen in along time, and believe me I,ve seen the planets very best over the years.

Sorry my wifes pen didn,t work when she asked for an autograph at the very end of the show .............. Deerrrrr ! !!! !

Given that you say your daughters are here in the capital hopefully we,ll get another chance to see here again later this year , really hope so.

Im off for some much needed practise on my own guitar

All the best Craig McTaggart

(2842) Robert Cote
Sun, 17 March 2013 01:34:36 +0000

I just saw your show on Maine Public Broadcasting's pledge drive. I've been playing about 35 years. Thought I could play, but holy smokes - that was amazing! Best wishes and good luck in all you do. I'm happy I got to see that - wouldn't want to have missed it!

(2841) Ann
Sun, 17 March 2013 01:24:38 +0000

Dear Tommycgp: Hope all is well with you and yours and your support team. Illness continues to be a major bump in my life pathway. Am changing oncologists as I have been downgraded from a class 2 to a 3 while under his care. Nuts!! Radiation is recommended because of the downgrade. Nothing like having a cancer and no confidence in the experts you deal with.

I listen to your music AM and PM, every day. It is a great help to me. Thank you for your perserverance and focus and so much more as you travel and work your skills to bring such beauty to us. Thank you for the shop talk at Tower Theatre re: tuning and harmonics. I have so much to learn; the more I learn I find that there is so much more to get a grip on. Prefer to deal with music rather than the inconsistencies I find in so-called experts in the medical field. What a joy to play for my seniors. Looking forward to seeing you again when you are in our part of the planet. + Blessings and Love + A (A sax player showed up at my senior center gig two weeks ago and is compiling a load of lead sheets for me. Hope to put as much as I can into memory as I prefer to play free of printed music whenever I can. It is a delicious kind of freedom for me. Knowing that you are free of it helped me move to a place where I can now do what I am doing. If I can reach one millionth in performance to that of where you are, that will be the day. The inspiration of TE and the gift is amazing to me.)

(2840) dannie melvin
Sat, 16 March 2013 21:53:02 +0000

Hi tommy, we loved your concert in salt lake city utah ,in jan, im sad to say that we didn't buy any of your CD s then, but we did buy two cds on line from ,we are still waiting for them ,they say they are having problems keeping your cds in stock, good for you ! haha well thankyou for a wonderful concert ,loved it.

(2839) Ian Hughes
Fri, 15 March 2013 07:26:40 +0000

Hi Tommy. Excellent show at Aylesbury. I thoroughly enjoyed the show with you and Martin. It seems a long way from those gigs at the Windsor Fire Station!

A quick question. What tune did you close the first set with, and have you recorded it - and on what album. The other two people in my party felt that it was memorable.

Best wishes for the rest of your tour.