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(2825) Mac Campbell
Sun, 10 March 2013 23:56:51 +0000

Hi, Tommy,

having been a fan of yours for several years via CDs and YouTube, I am very much looking forward to hearing and seeing you in concert in Fredericton on May 27. I have noticed you play a number of different guitars, but I have never seen (or heard) you play a 12-string. Do you ever play one? It would be a great treat to hear.


-- Mac Campbell

(2824) Jim Stone
Sun, 10 March 2013 21:11:26 +0000

My wife and I were very privilidged to catch your amazing performance in Pensacola, Florida. Because of the very positive reactions I witnessed in the crowd, I'm certain that if you return to Pensacola, you'll need a much larger facility.
I've been watching/listening to your videos on youtube for over a year. I'd shared quite a few with my wife. She enjoyed your performance very much and when we left, we couldn't quit talking about you. We would loved to have seen Lizzie, but we know we can't have everything. If you perform within 200 miles of us, we'll be there.
BTW, I'm the dude that shouted "ANGELINA"! LOL!! Take Care... Stay Healthy.
Jim and Darlene

(2823) Joseph Palabrica
Sun, 10 March 2013 20:43:34 +0000

Dearest Sir Tommy,

It was a great opportunity to meet you. I was probably lucky to be there. You're really amazing,cool, funny and very nice person. Hope to seeing you again and play with you on stage. Just a wish.

Take care and God bless you



(2822) Vincent
Sun, 10 March 2013 01:33:01 +0000

Hi Tommy!
Just wanted to say what a fabulous time I had at your concert tonight at the Bridgewater Hall. Not only both your skill and Martin Taylor's but the friendly atmosphere and humour you guys brought to the show. I spent the whole time grinning from ear to ear and foot tapping, Wonderful! All the best. Vinny

(2821) Tom Barnes
Sat, 9 March 2013 22:59:40 +0000

To Tommy

Hi Tommy my names Tom I'm 16 on Sunday and I've been a fan of you for a long time now, I am really looking forward to seeing you in concert tomorrow night and in Halifax on the 22nd. I did a concert at a local music centre today and spoke to an Australian guy called Evan or Kevin and he said he knew you and might be able to get my guitar signed on one of the nights. I'm just wondering if you know this guy and whether you are doing a signing with Martin Taylor, it'd be such a great honour to meet you in person.

Yours sincerely
Tom Barnes (a big aspiring fan)

(2820) Igor Barakaiev
Sat, 9 March 2013 21:04:59 +0000

Dear Tommy Emmanuel, I'm your big fan. I'm from Ukraine and I haven't got a opportunity to meat you. But it's my biggest dream. It will be so good. Now I playing The Finger Lakes, Haba na Haba, Lewis & Clark and try to composed some melodies. Recently, I was on Ukraine got a talant and I get two "yes", but today was air of this show, and they didn't show me. I'm 12 years old, and soon I will be record in the studio. As soon as I write it down, I will try to send you the record and will be very happy if you'll appreciate.

(2819) liat rozenberg
Sat, 9 March 2013 17:41:27 +0000

again ! everything is happaning because of your insparation . thank you ! we will be glad to hear from you.

(2818) Reg Hayes
Sat, 9 March 2013 17:40:52 +0000

Hi Tommy,

Like everyone who writes, I'm a fan of your playing and recordings. I also really enjoy Martin Taylor and am anxiously awaiting your duet CD. I would love to buy an autographed copy with both your signatures. I think the two of you are on tour together now so I'm hoping this might be an opportune moment. I already have my ticket for your show in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, my home town. I' d be more than happy to wait until then to get it from you but it would be wonderful to have both your signatures on the disc.


Reg Hayes. 506 459-1559
39 Cortland Ave.
New Maryland, NB, Canada
E3C 1B6

(2817) Chris Rowlands
Sat, 9 March 2013 17:00:55 +0000

Thank you to you and Martin for a fantastic gig at the Sage. I went home and cracked open the case on my Lowden. Have a great tour!

(2816) Wendell Harvey
Sat, 9 March 2013 13:39:36 +0000

Hi Tommy, I feel I know you after talking to Scott Tsai who played Angelena with you. I bought a new Maton EBG808TE and love it. I understand you were here close to my home (Johnson County Community College) in Overland Park, Kansas a long time ago and so sad I missed you. I have looked at your schedule and don't see you anywhere close in the future. If you get close, I will drive to wherever to see you. I am not getting any younger so will make the effort. I have enjoyed all your music on youtube and admire you greatly. Love your humor also as I am one of those guys with humor also. Thanks for reading and god bless.
If you perform here, would you sign my Maton Guitar? That would be great.