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(2838) nigel hembury
Thu, 14 March 2013 21:22:32 +0000

thanks for a most fantastic and enjoyable night of passionate guitar playing last night in exeter one of the best gigs i have ever been to
thanks again

(2837) Andrew Franic
Wed, 13 March 2013 22:28:31 +0000

Fantastic night at the Bridgewater in Manchester, thanks Tommy, and got a signed album as well. I have just about got the classical gas version you play, my only problem is although I can play all the notes, you take about 3 to 6 minutes and I take about 3 to 6 weeks:- should I A) take my guitar into the garage and use all my tools to chop it into bits, B) practice more ( as you are older than me (Dec 1956) and maybe I might catch up, or c) just sit back and enjoy your CD till next time you are in town - ha! ha ! I think option C is the best option eh?, thanks again

(2836) Mike Barker
Wed, 13 March 2013 16:27:15 +0000

Hi Tommy,
It was a real thrill meeting you in Barnstaple last night. Please relay my thanks to Ed for setting it up at such short notice ... much appreciated. Thought the show was fantastic; the right balance between new and old tunes, and can't wait to get to another one. Perhaps they'll set it up for you to play Truro next time you're in the UK.
Best Regards
Mike & Jacky Barker

(2835) tyler smith
Wed, 13 March 2013 01:57:25 +0000

i was wondering where i could find the complete and fully accurate tabs for borsalino, guitar boogie, walls, and the christmas album with rudolph, the christmas song and things like that. Or if you could send them to me by email because i am intrigued by you work i just want to learn it so bad

(2834) Penny Furseman
Tue, 12 March 2013 23:18:10 +0000

Fabulous to meet you again tonight in Barnstaple. Outstanding evening...

Always a pleasure to listen to you.Thank you, keep playing and hope to see you again soon.

You actually make me proud to have become an Australian, ex Kangaroo Island.

(2833) Nick Heath
Tue, 12 March 2013 23:06:44 +0000

Hi Tommy and Martin,
I came to The Robin 2 to see you both on sunday night. First of all, i must thank you both SO MUCH for a wonderful evening. I have spent many hours on the internet during the last 18 months since losing my wife, watching you both and enjoying every minute of it. It is so nice these days to be able to listen to the qualities of both of you, and to gain such inspiration from doing so.
Having now seen and listened to you both in real life, i am even more amazed.
Your soundman also did you proud, as in my humble opinion it could not have been better. I know from your various interviews on the internet that your aim is to encourage people to take up music, and i witnessed one such success after you left the stage. immediately behind me were two couples, and the one man said to his wife" Tomorrow, we are going to a guitar shop and i'm buying a guitar. I am well and truly hooked"
The man who made that coment was about in his fifties i would say, and i thought to myself, Tommy has achieved what he wanted with this man, no mistake! I do play guitar myself, but compared to you two, you would think i was playing wearing boxing gloves, but i shall still continue, regardless.
Once again, Thankyou BOTH so much. All the best Nick 7TEtg

(2832) Paul Archbold
Tue, 12 March 2013 11:39:37 +0000

G'day Tom,

Just wondering when you are touring back in Australia - Melbourne in particular. I was devastated to find out l missed your Melbourne gig by 2 days last year. The last time l saw you play live was 20 years ago in Morwell Victoria and you had some skinny little black dude doing your drumming. I've been playing guitar off and on for 23 years (acoustic, bass and badly) and received a Fender Fat Strat (Mexican alas!) for my 40th last year. I pulled out some of your CDs and have been You tubing some of yur songs - Stevies blues is a favourite as is Initiation. So hope to see you back this year.

(2831) David Moore
Tue, 12 March 2013 04:55:48 +0000

Hi Tommy,
I've been a longtime fan of acoustic guitar music, primarily bluegrass, but also artists like James Taylor. I recently stumbled onto a public access show on TV featuring none other than Tommy Emmanuel. I became an instant fan, and find myself checking out your music on the internet regularly.
Best wishes and continued success.

Concord, NC

(2830) Samantha-Jayne
Mon, 11 March 2013 23:22:25 +0000

Hi Tommy,

It was great to be able to see you play at the Robin 2 on 10th March, and thank you very much for accepting my envelope! :)

My recording of 'Questions' was very 'spur of the moment' and I did it an hour before I was due to leave to see your performance, so it was very rushed. As my note in the envelope stated, that if the CD was unplayable then you could hear the recording on youtube. However, in my 'excitement' and eagerness for you to hear it, I didn't stop to think that I might be breaking copyright laws by posting your recording on youtube. So, may I firstly apologise for unintentionally taking liberties with your material! I've removed the recording from youtube and hope you have or will, be able to listen to my CD...and more importantly, that you like it (if you don't, the CD will make a great coaster!:)) I'm a self taught saxophonist and don't read music, and so have taught myself how to play by playing along to tracks that I love, especially if they move me. I just wanted to show you what an inspiration your music is to me personally, and hope that I haven't offended you by my recording. Thanks again for an awesome performance at the Robin 2.



(2829) Tor Erik Zetterstrøm
Mon, 11 March 2013 20:18:06 +0000

Hello Tommy.
I wonder if you ever come and visit Norway ? I miss a real good guitarplayer like you here, and many of my friends wonder too.