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(2815) Valerie Fairless
Sat, 9 March 2013 12:02:28 +0000

After a year of serious illness, booking the tickets and not imagining being well enough to go, it was an absolute joy to see and hear you and Martin Taylor at The Sage Last night. The music was wonderful, the sound awesome and technical skill...well are you human?
Loved the night, words can't really express it but suffice to say I didn't want it to end!

(2814) Marvin B Naylor
Sat, 9 March 2013 11:50:11 +0000

PS, I forgot to say, Claes Neeb signed one of his Active Hands cds for me - I also brought that along - like the guitar, some other time!
Also, I keep a written buskers' diary - you'll be in Day 335 - but that won't be up on the website (see above) for awhile. There's also some busking videos of me doing Chet's Third Man and La Vie En Rose.
Again, my thanks to you and Martin Taylor for a memorable show in Basingstoke.

"all the best",


(2813) Debbie Little
Sat, 9 March 2013 00:28:02 +0000

Absolutely awesome gig in Hall One at The Sage Gateshead tonight. Acoustics were superb ! Music was superb. Wish you could have heard yourselves in that Hall. Thanks for an inspirational and joyful evening!

(2812) Joe O'Neil
Sat, 9 March 2013 00:21:45 +0000

I've just returned from watching your performance at the Sage, Gateshead with Martin Taylor. I've read about you in various guitar magazines over the years and seen clips of you on YouTube but tonight is the first time I've had the pleasure of seeing you live....I was blown away! I have several guitar-playing friends who I tried to drag along tonight but they couldn't make it for various reasons. I decided to be a bit of a saddo and come along all by myself.....I'm delighted that I did! I was really impressed by your virtuosity. I have seen Martin before (with Bireli Lagrene about 10 years ago) and of course he is a wonderful guitarist as well but I was more inspired by you (to give up trying to play!). Please come back to the Sage and I'll make sure my friends come with me the next time. I'm sure you have your own selections and that others might suggest pieces for you to play but.....have you ever heard Charlie Byrd's "Where are the Hebrew Children" (it was on a live "Byrd at the Village Gate" album)? It's a fantastically dramatic piece and it occurred to me tonight that you would make a wonderful job of it! By the way, I bought one of your picks tonight (they weren't selling your fingers unfortunately) and I fully expect to be able to play just like you tomorrow wife and daughter are asleep upstairs so I'd better not risk disturbing them! Keep up the fantastic work and I'll see you next time.

(2811) Eamonn O
Fri, 8 March 2013 23:50:16 +0000

Hello sir!

Just wanted to congratulate you and Martin on a fantastic show in Dublin on the 5th of March. Honest Injun, I cried when you played The Duke. Really did move me to tears!

Been a fan for a long time. I enjoy your music religiously as a listener and a musician. Here's hoping we meet next time you're in town.

Happy Trails and enjoy the rest of your tour!

Your Humble Fan

(2810) Marvin B Naylor
Fri, 8 March 2013 22:49:19 +0000

Hello Tommy,
I wanted to say how much I enjoyed yours and Martin's show at The Anvil in Basingstoke last Wednesday. I came up from Winchester, about 15 miles away. In fact, it was in Winchester where two Norwegian friends of Claes Neeb, Bjorn and Tore, came across me while I was busking Chet's arrangement of The Third Man - they later showed it to Claes, who I hadn't heard of before as I'm relatively new to the fingerstyle world. In fact I really only took it up a few years ago when I'd practically destroyed my hearing, having played in rock groups for 30 years! I could no longer do that.
Anyway, Claes' friends also showed me a clip of Claes joining you onstage in Oslo and this made me think that I should find out more about your music - as, to be honest, although I had heard of you, I hadn't really investigated you, as it were. So it was really lucky you happened to be playing not far from me. I came up a couple of hours before the show and did some busking with my Epiphone Casino - mainly Chet numbers: The Third Man, Mr. Sandman, Music To Watch Girls By and his lovely arrangement of La Vie En Rose. I played at a few spots - till some guy wearing a uniform came and said I had to leave - "I like what your playing but this is private property..." I managed 20 minutes outside the theatre, though, before the inevitable uniform turned up.
After your first set, you came out to try and sort out some problem with a DI box or something and the two guys sitting behind me said I should go to the front and see if you would sign my guitar. I didn't really want to do that but they convinced me; "Tommy's a nice guy, he won't mind - he does that for a lot of folks!", so I took my guitar out and went down to the front where there were a few other people but it was pretty obvious you just wanted to sort out the problem and I don't blame you! The young Chinese lady up there told us we might as well go back to our seats - but at least I tried! Maybe some other time! Anyway, since your show - which I have to say blew me away, I have been investigating loads of your music - Dixie McGuire and Mr. Guitar, from your Mel Bay book are the ones I'm working on now.
Thank you, Tommy - for three hours of pure inspiration!

all the best,


(2809) Inge Jannen
Fri, 8 March 2013 20:16:10 +0000

Oh boy am I happy. After seeing all the far-flung dates Tommy is playing, I was overjoyed to see he is coming to Westhampton, Long Island. Jumped on those tickets right away. And now we can see Tommy in our back yard (well on the same island anyway.) Thank you Tommy and Management for making this possible. May the Great Spirit bless and keep you always.

-Inge from Sea Cliff

(2808) Sandra Whitehouse
Fri, 8 March 2013 08:00:30 +0000

Oh wow oh wow oh wow! Last night at Aylesbury was utterly amazing and defies description a lot of very dropped jaws gives an inkling.
Anyone waiting to see Tommy on this tour you are in for a mind blowing treat.

I'm going again!! and again!

When is the next tour?

(2807) Barbara
Thu, 7 March 2013 21:51:44 +0000

Greatly looking forward to the concert at the Sage tomorrow night. My cousin Brian and his partner Wendy in Melbourne told us not to miss it! I understand it's your favourite venue.

(2806) Paul Dawson
Thu, 7 March 2013 18:03:01 +0000

Had seen Tommy live for a couple of years - sad to say but last night (6th March) I took my son to see Tommy and Martin at The Anvil, Basingstoke. What a wonderful night!! Amazing!!! Thanks T & M - your talent is unsurpassed - both as guitarist and entertainers. Must look out my old Eddie Lang tutorial!