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(2778) Mike Quackenbush
Thu, 28 February 2013 23:36:30 +0000

Hello Tommy, I just saw you at Ponte Vedra Fl and was the last person you saw at the greet and meet; i have the artificial shoulder, I told you that I felt your ability was so great that you literally play a guitar 4 dimensionally and you asked me how; i really did not do justice to the answer as i really did not have time and did not want to keep you to long. so i will answer now; You see the notes on the neck of a guitar unlike any other human being alive, you flow to each note with the ability of a master chess player moving 8-10 move ahead of you opponents with flawless precision making difficult moves with ease like breathing air. you incorporate the body of the guitar into your music and a snare drum stick to the microphone and come up with music (GOOD) music with such ease that other guitarist like Jimmy Page or Eric Clapton are envious.
I know you realize you have been blessed with talent and you have worked hard at it. I would just like to let you know I feel blessed to have been alive to see you finally play in a live concert. I have followed your career sense the late 80`s and have listen to your music and its advancements. thank you for giving me the best concert experience I have ever had and I have been to allot of concerts.
I was nice to see and experience your skill and watch you have fun/enjoyment while playing. Hope you come to Jacksonville again but to a bigger auditorium so more fans can come. Over the years I have introduced your music to a lot of people but by the time we heard you were coming here tickets were sold out.
Take care and enjoy life hope to see you again Mike Quackenbush

(2777) HEPP
Thu, 28 February 2013 19:22:55 +0000

Hi Tommy
Nice to see and hear you once more at the "nuits de la Guitare" next summer
I saw you a couple of days ago and was the sounds of your guitar
Hope to meet you during your next stay in Corsica.
Kinds Regards

(2776) Ken Ozimek
Thu, 28 February 2013 16:43:14 +0000

Dear Tommy,
I had the great pleasure of hearing you Wednesday night at the Belcourt Theatre. It was a wonderful spiritual experience hearing you play.
When I was a college music major many years ago our professor suggested that we sometime take the opportunity to completely fast from music to experience the deep emotional and restorative power it engenders. About 25 years ago I had such an experience. I went to the Smokey mountains and removed myself from any and every form of music for 3 days. Upon returning home to Nashville, I put a tape of Leonard Bernstein conduction the New York Philharmonic play Aaron Copland's Appalachian Spring as I descended the mountains into the sunset. The tears were streaming down my face as I reconnection at a heart level with the power of this music. This was so important to me because I had started to feel myself becoming jaded by the music business. So many gigs. I had started to be a tedious routine. I knew I needed to be reignited at a heart level. Your music does this for me. I feel like I am in a worship service when I hear you play.
Last month I had a knee injury that I thought might need surgery. The doctor told me that he wanted to use ultrasound first. He said that the sound had a powerful healing effect and that it would heal the micro tears in my ligaments in a powerful way. I was shocked. It worked. It made me think about all the people who play in hospitals. Science had demonstrated the people heal quicker in the presence of music. Thats what you music does to me on a spiritual level(and maybe physically for all i Know.)
Thank you for a memorable evening and a beautiful healing experience. I am still a professional musician playing here in the Nashville area and I hold you up a model of the kind of powerful, transformational playing I wish to see in myself. We brandish a powerful sword with our instruments and I drank deeply form the well at your concert last night.
Thank you and may you life be filled with continuous blessing.

Ken Ozimek

(2775) Brent
Wed, 27 February 2013 14:42:28 +0000

Hi Tommy. You haven't answered me yet but I keep trying. Just wanted to say hi and thanks for your life and music. It's changed my life and has given me hope when I thought sickness and death nearby would destroy me. I'm not so great but now I play fingerstyle guitar thanks to you! I even starting to play some for others. Thanks again.

(2774) Brittany
Tue, 26 February 2013 11:10:06 +0000

Heey Tommy,
How are you? Hope you're doing well. I am a 16 year old and i really love your music. Your guitar work is absolutely phenomenal and your not abad singer either. I love your style. You are one of my favourite guitarist along side with Richie Sambora (i remember you worked with him and Laurence Jumber when you guys were raising money for cancer), what great guys you are. I hope to someday play acoustic as well and as solid as you. Thank you for the inspiration :) Could you please bring your tour to to Australia, i would love to meet you and see you perform live. I really hope your reading this. Thanks much love, Brittany :) xx

(2773) Alex
Tue, 26 February 2013 09:47:38 +0000

hello tommy,

i am a massive fan of yours and have already been to see you twice, a few years in ilfracombe and so on. i think you are notably one of the best guitarists i have ever seen and i carry your albums everywhere!

i was wondering, because of uni i cant make it to the barnstaple show in march this year, i was wondering if you are already planning another tour of the UK and if so, when would it be and were would you go?

many thanks,

(2772) Mike Burden
Mon, 25 February 2013 18:53:27 +0000

I was blessed to see you in person at WSRE public tv studio on 02/24/13 in Pensacola, Florida. Was blown away and so pleased at what you played and the God given talent was awesome. Hope you come back to Pensacola in the future.

Thank you

(2771) Dennis Shaw
Mon, 25 February 2013 18:28:26 +0000

Dear Tommy,

Warm greetings from a sixty-two year old architect, an aspiring fingerpicker of many years and a great admirer of your wonderful playing. (I do think you're the best!)

Theoretically I live in Cape Town but, like many South Africans, I work 1400km away from home in Johannesburg (where most of the work is) and I see the family when I can. Needless to say my guitar keeps me great company!

Hoping to see you perform live someday.

All the very, very best to you!

(2770) Geoff Deakin
Mon, 25 February 2013 15:02:56 +0000

Hi Tommy I have bought tickets to see you at the Robin 2 at Bilston on the 10th March . My friend Pauline Legge lost her husband over 12months ago and has only recently started to regain her confidence. Her husband Kevin attended a number of your master classes in Nashville, as well as in France and England. Pauline would love the chance to meet you again. Would this be possible before the show or if you are doing a master classm This would really help her to continue rebuilding her confidence. I can be contacted via the above e-mail or on 07759208881. Thanks very much Geoff

(2769) Virginia Gause
Mon, 25 February 2013 13:49:15 +0000

Hi Tommy, just wanted to drop you a short note to let you know how much we enjoyed hearing you play at Aunt Evelyn's 100th birthday party in Atlanta on Feb. 23rd. Thank you for being there, I know it was the highlight of the party for her.

NC has spoken of you often so naturally we were excited to get to hear you play.

You are truly blessed with your musical talent, God bless you in your travels as you continue on with your beautiful music.