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(2798) David Classey
Tue, 5 March 2013 23:55:00 +0000

Hi Tommy
Any chance you could play Nettlebed Folk or Goring Unplugged?
Would love to see you live.
Best David

(2797) w brew
Tue, 5 March 2013 23:39:38 +0000

Hi Tommy you were as good as I expected you would be, enjoyed your part of the show. Was dissapointed with Mr Taylor. not into his type of music, he looked brilliant but was boreing. Would have enjoyed your part of the show forget the rest.

Tue, 5 March 2013 22:43:18 +0000


It was so good to see you again in Atlanta this year, I was the last one in line at the meet & greet with the Chiropractor that came with me, Dr. Mark Anthony and he was ticlked to see you as well. We saw you last year at the Performing Arts Center in Duluth, Georgia and you have become my favorite guitar player. I keep 3 of yourcd's in the truck and my favs are Digge's Waltz and Smoky Mountain lullaby and let me tell you, on any bad day, I can plug those in and sit back and listen to those songs, along with many others and my day is right again.

Thanks so much Tommy. Can't wait until next year.


(2795) Ryan Taylor
Tue, 5 March 2013 21:04:29 +0000

I saw your show in Salt Lake city and I am your biggest fan here. My Favorite song is:no mater how many years go buy I sill can't say good by, I got special permeation to attend your show because i'm just 5 years old it was grate.


(2794) Jonathan marshall
Tue, 5 March 2013 20:55:01 +0000

Hi Tommy,
I am coming to see you next week at Barnstaple with my son and Exeter with my girlfriend.
My son is 8 years old and I am teaching him to play guitar. You are his hero. We would love to say hi and maybe get you to sign his guitar for him. Is there any chance? Are you doing a meet and greet or anything like that so we could say hi?
It would make my little boys year to meet you.
If not, I understand but here's hoping.
Good luck on your tour of the UK. We are very excited
Best wishes
Jonathan Marshall

(2793) Bob Dunn
Tue, 5 March 2013 12:15:22 +0000

I just bought tickets to the Infinity Hall show in Norfolk CT on June 19. We own a Bed & Breakfast about 45 minutes from Norfolk and we would like to offer a free room to Tommy for a couple of days. Our website is:

Bob & Lauren Dunn
Honored Guest B & B

(2792) Paul Heaney
Mon, 4 March 2013 21:42:25 +0000

Dear Tommy,

I went to see your concert in Belfast in the Ulster Hall the other evening (2/3/13) with my dad. We both had a great time. You and Martin Taylor were fantastic. I met you before the show with my dad in the meet and greet but I was a bit nervous and I frooze and did not say much, It was the first time I meet you in person and I think I was a bit star struck lol. I forgot to introduce myself and my dad Liam and get his photo taken with you I think my mind went blank with the occassion.

I had a few questiosn to ask you about some of your songs about how you play certain bits for my performance diploma but I will ask you the next time we met. I just want to say thanks for talking to us and taking the time to sign autographs and have photos taken, even after you were jet lagged from travelling. I still hope you tour with Hank Marvin sometime so I could see my 2 favourite guitariest play togther live.

Thank you for your kindness

Paul Heaney

(2791) Geoff Deakin
Mon, 4 March 2013 17:34:25 +0000

Hi Tommy I am bringing Pauline Legge to your show in Bilston on 10/03/13. Pauline lost her husband Kevin over 12 months ago and is only slowly regaining her confidence. Kevin attended a number of your master classes in Nashville, France and England.
Pauline would love to meet you again for a few minutes either before or after the show if that is at all possible.
If this could be arranged would someone e-mail to confirm.



(2790) Tang Shi Jie
Mon, 4 March 2013 14:32:11 +0000

Hi Tommy, my name is SJ and I'm from Singapore. I just want to drop you a message to tell you that, your songs have really inspired me to keep on practicing the guitar. To a certain extend, I'm reminded of a phrase, "don't give up". I will never give up in life. Although I'm busy studying and working, I won't give up playing the guitar and I will keep on keeping on. U too. Keep on keeping on.. I will always practice your songs on my maton TE808 and looking forward to the day when you come Singapore again. Hope to meet up with u personally. I believe you are one of my greatest inspiration on why I play the guitar.

Thank you TE.


(2789) Jorg
Mon, 4 March 2013 07:46:11 +0000

Great performance in Limerick last night! Very enjoyable! However, the introduction of the "new talent" at the end of the show was too much drawn out and should have been limited to 1 or 2 pieces! I would have enjoyed it more if the concert would have ended on a somewhat higher note. - Looking forward to see you again, though!