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(2788) Callum
Sat, 2 March 2013 15:54:42 +0000

Hi Tommy,

I am a huge fan of your guitar tone and playing of course!! You helped me out a while back with a tendonitis issue i had in my left hand. Now i've got a tone issue ha, i was wondering what pickup you use in this acoustic:

I love that sound! I have just got a Martin D-28 and am not sure what pickup to use in it.



(2787) Marco
Sat, 2 March 2013 13:58:53 +0000

Hi Tommy,

I want to thank you for Morning Aire. Since Erica died, Morning Aire is the song I linsten to when I drive my car to work. It is the only moment I can cry without anybody can see me. Actually, I cry a lot in my car.
Thank you Tommy for creating songs that talk to my soul.

See you soon in Italy,


(2786) Nikki
Sat, 2 March 2013 07:37:19 +0000

Hi Tommy,
Welcome back to the UK!
I've been looking forward to your Ireland and UK tour with Martin Taylor since I booked my ticket last June. Now the tour is about to start I'm really excited. The best part is that, experience tells me, however much I look forward to one of your shows it's always even better than expected! How do you manage that?!

(2785) Joseph Palabrica
Sat, 2 March 2013 04:39:05 +0000

Dearest Sir Tommy,
I'd like to thank you for accommodating me during the meet and greet in Nasville last Feb 27.Thanks also for correcting me

Hope to see you again and Wish I could play with you on stage
thanks a lot
Take care always



(2784) Andy Brown
Fri, 1 March 2013 21:12:57 +0000

Great show at the Belcourt last night. I gave my dad - Wayne Brown - tickets for Christmas and he was quite excited. He was friends with Chet and your playing helps keep Chet's legacy alive for him. My son was there as well - three generations being touched by great music - quite a blessing. Thanks much for sharing your heart through great songs and playing.

By the way, also saw you playing with Jack Pearson on 1/19 - my birthday. Jack is one of my favorite Nashville players - played my 40th birthday party several years ago. It was a great treat/surprise to see you both together. I hope that can happen again sometime.

Thanks again and safe travels,

Andy Brown

(2783) Philippe 78
Fri, 1 March 2013 14:36:29 +0000

Hello Tommy
For twenty years I try to follow in the footsteps of Marcel Dadi and I met you before Christmas ...
It's great what you do!
I started working a few pieces .. Good work! Congratulations ... I love ...
When you come back in France and Paris?
See you soon
Philippe du 78

(2782) gerald helmuth
Fri, 1 March 2013 12:01:11 +0000

tommy so enjoyed your concerts in sf and fresno. my dad at almost 86 enjoyed it also. he loves country and southern gospel. i don't know for sure if you like raisins, but if you do i hope you enjoyed them. i only cried three times at the fresno concert, it was so good. thanks for the wonderful music and the enjoyment you bring to me. god bless you for the awsome and kind person you are. thanks ger

(2781) Chris Searle
Fri, 1 March 2013 08:59:14 +0000

Hi Tommy

We're all REALLY looking foreard to seeing you in Basingstoke on Wednesday next week!!!

Can we put in a special request during the programme for you to play either:
'Mombassa', or 'Nine Pound Hammer' or the gloriously beautiful 'Antonella's Birthday'.

See you next week. Have a great UK tour!!

Warm regards from CHRIS SEARLE

(2780) Bob Slezak
Fri, 1 March 2013 01:08:28 +0000

Hi Tommy,
Met you at the meet and greet with my sister (from New Joisey!), you signed my guitar and then saw an amazing show in the second row in Atlanta!
You are a spectacular person and the gift you give of your guitar playing is wonderful Thank you for a great night!

(2779) RussellWingate
Fri, 1 March 2013 00:21:03 +0000

I saw your show in Atlanta the 23 of Febuary. I really enjoyed the concert. You are an amazing guitar player. I hope you return to Atlanta in the very near future.