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(3828) Andrej
Wed, 5 March 2014 13:31:08 +0000

You Tommy are the best gitar player in acustic gitar,i lake too si you 1 time live.
I em from smool country in evropa,his name is Slovenia.

(3827) Sean Hallahan
Mon, 3 March 2014 18:56:26 +0000

Hi Tommy,
Old white haired ex-so so geetar player here, so grateful to PBS, yet again, for bringing such a great talent and spirit to the fore. Live in NYC, but lived in wonderful Sydney for a few months in the late 80s.
I only saw the last song, what more would it take. Haba na Haba such a beautiful written, moving and inspiring song. Then I went searching and found Boogie Guitar on youtube. I'm hooked!
And so generous of you to have a TV channel to share your talents with axe lovers. I'd have lived there had it been around in my finger pickin' days.
Congratulations upon all of your successes.

Best & cheers,


(3826) Ann Carothers
Sun, 2 March 2014 20:20:04 +0000

Dear Tommy: I continue to be ever thankful for finding you and your gift. Your concerts January 21,23 and 25 with Mr. Taylor were wonderful. Great to see you at the meet-greets on 21st and 23rd. Have been in an extended time of feeling worn out physically and emotionally for many months. Still playing at the senior center with joy and delight all the while. (Greetings to Joanne, Ann, Rags and Skyler, and Bill Fleming - met and shared Tommy fan talk at Balboa) plus a special thank you to the lovely lady that came to me at the entrance of the Smothers theater at Pepperdine and shared such a sweet hug. I wish I were getting ready at this very moment to travel and see you at another meet-greet and have the blessing of another concert. The time will be accomplished. In the meantime, have comments from friends about my writings about "our hawks" and what it all means. So, I am in the first stage of planning a special edition of the Featherhead News, editorial division, to do the best I can to explain about the inspiration for these writings. Have been asked to play for funeral service for "V" later this week. Even now she is a brignt and shining light in my life, just having gone on ahead last Thursday. Song title idea for you comes to mind: "The Gentlest Tears" ... maybe you might come up with something that will be loved by us. Your compositions are exquisite, profound and beautiful. I continue to listen to your music every am & pm and pray for you, Gina, Chet and everyone who loves and supports you. (This is the first internet writing that I have done since the last time I wrote to you.) My deepest thanks for welcoming me so warmly at Balboa 1 and everything since. You are a living, breathing blessing to more folks than you know. Take care. +Blessings and Love+ A

(3825) William Vanderburg
Sun, 2 March 2014 05:41:24 +0000

Mr. Emmanuel,

Just heard a PBS special of you in concert. Having not heard you before, I can say that I have truly missed out on such a wonderful talent and gift that you have been blessed with. I will remain a fan. Your talent and presence has given me a renewed life in my own music.

Thank you and God Bless.

(3824) Jeannine
Sun, 2 March 2014 04:04:24 +0000

Tommy, I saw you perform last night at Plaza Live in Orlando. Thank you for signing my new CD/DVD! Was such a treat to see you live.You are an incredible musician, I am so glad my friend from New Jersey introduced me to your music a few years ago. I will tell him you will be in NJ this summer!
Thanks for sharing your beautiful talent and being with the world.
We are blessed!

(3823) David Fülep
Sun, 2 March 2014 00:56:09 +0000

Dear mr Emmanuel!
I have written a piece of music, its a guitar solo, Fredagsmys (Cosy Friday) I call it. Attached is an amateur recording which you might want to hear.
I wonder if you maybe could give me some composing advise here; should i add, skip or change anything about the piece, to make it better?

If you klick on this adress, I hope you can listen to the piece:

David Fülep
Norrköping, Sweden

(3822) Tony Shalom
Sat, 1 March 2014 13:08:36 +0000

Tommy !!

Just saw you in Miami. What a great show you and your " band " put on !!! I must admit that I and many of my friends who play music and follow whats going on in the business had never heard of you before Public TV brought you to our attention - I FELT LIKE COLUMBUS DISCOVERING AMERICA. Wish you continued success and safe travels and we look forward to your return to Miami as soon as possible.

Tony Shalom

(3821) Tony
Sat, 1 March 2014 05:13:45 +0000

Greetings from Ontario, Canada. I am perplexed that you skip over Ontario in your North American leg, jumping from Prairies to Quebec and onto east coast.
Please please, when will you visit Ontario?

In anticipation . . .

(3820) Duane Hallof
Sat, 1 March 2014 04:29:05 +0000

So I recently saw you and Martin Taylor at your performance in San Francisco. I believe it was the best concert I have ever been to! Your joy was contagious! Thank you for coming! Come again, please! So I noticed you'll be in Spokane, WA and then in Bend, OR! Can I suggest a great hideout in Spokane for food? It's called Red Lion. It's a small sports bar and they have some of the best BBQ in the state! Also, how about a definite side road trip on your way to Bend? Check out the Swiss Alps of the USA - Joseph, OR. Unbelievable beauty. It will inspire you! You are amazing my friend! I look forward to the next time I will have the joy of seeing and hearing you again! Cheers, Duane

Duane M. Hallof
Director of Corporate Values

(3819) Jason Neuhardt
Sat, 1 March 2014 04:20:19 +0000

Thank you for a most joyous, fun-filled, and touching show at The Plaza Live! It was my first TE show but definitely will not be my last! What a beautiful way to end a month and start a new one. God's blessings on your way home Tommy and Martin.