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(3785) Franco
Thu, 20 February 2014 02:42:10 +0000

Hi Tommy, are you comming to Argentina?

(3784) Jay Lagaaia
Wed, 19 February 2014 17:38:45 +0000

Hi Tommy, I just wanted to say that I am on tour at the moment with Wicked, the musical, here in Manila, Philippines. I am playing the Wonderful Wizard of Oz. It has been a gruelling tour but and enjoyable one and I wanted to thank you for your music and your love of life. When ever I get tired and start missing my kids and wife, I google one of your performances on youtube and I am always filled with happiness. As a musican myself I am in awe of your talent but most importantly, your zest for life. Please continue to bring light to those dark places and melody to the masses. I will continue on my quest knowing that there is a crazy white man killing it on the 6 strings. Many thanks, Jay Laga'aia

(3783) Gene
Wed, 19 February 2014 14:20:37 +0000

I wrote you a little poem:

For Tommy Emmanuel

They say that you're a CGP
In all the world there's only 3.
Jerry's gone, & so is Chet.
Their gifts to us we'll not forget.

So who, my brother, are th'other two,
Who tickle them strings the way you do?
Do so much more than just play fast -
You gift us something that will last.

Something you can never define
When music comes from the divine;
Opens the heart & touches the soul,
Heals, reveals, & makes us whole

(3782) Kellie Drengenberg
Wed, 19 February 2014 09:22:29 +0000

Hi, my husband is a huge fan! I think you recently met him when you received your doctorate through CSU (Nick Drengenberg is his name)? I am emailing to ask a huge (and probably impossible) favour. It is our ten year wedding anniversary in November and I was thinking I'd love to surprise him by having you play in our home town, Lithgow NSW! I understand this is probably completely impossible, but you never know if you don't ask :) We have a local restaurant that has local live music acts preform regularly, a very intimate venue that would be perfect!

Thanks for your time, and no worries if your answer is no :)


(3781) Kevin Zhao
Wed, 19 February 2014 06:59:57 +0000

Hi Tommy,
Greeting! This is a fan writing to you from China.
I watched your concert in Shanghai.Your performance was really awesome and breath-taking.
I love your speach of "One man band" and I'm addicted to your guitar playing, body movement and funny jokes.

The Grammy Award become more and more commercialized. In my opinion you're THE greatest guitarist and musician on this planet.

One question for my kid though - to learn guitar playing from an early age, should he use 5 line musical note or 6 line tab, or learn both at the same time?

Look forward to seeing your next concert soon in China.

Best Regards, Kevin

(3780) Gerrie
Tue, 18 February 2014 20:28:02 +0000

Hi Tommy
I was grown up and raised listening to the old classics, but believe it me, never heard of you until modern technology, youtube. And am i glad, never in all my years have i heard anybody else having a passion for a guitar and playing it the same way as you.

Being i musician myself (although i cannot and want not to be compared to anybody, playing only gospel music on a Yamaha keyboard, i also learned during my years to play guitar by ear. Was not a very keen guitar player until i saw your youtube videos, and the passion you have for a guitar.

Now i am inspired believe you me, even at this age, I'm do my utmost best on my own to see if i can only play a fraction like you, gospel music on the guitar, wit the same passion.

I was born and raised in South Africa, currently working, in Saudi Arabia.

Best Regards

Gerrie van Rooyen

South Africa

(3779) Tracie Dickey
Mon, 17 February 2014 19:12:34 +0000

Dear Tommy, Just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming to Columbia Tn this morning to visit my brother Jeff. The kindness shown has touched us all profoundly. We have not had very long to wrap our heads and hearts around this, but are finding that comfort from others is a very a real port in the storm. I'm not sure how all this works, but I think we are supposed to learn through this bittersweet journey, how to comfort others as they too, face the harder part of this wonderful thing called life. Your gift of talent has been something Jeff and I and all his friends and family have enjoyed together for many years but nothing can compare to the joy of knowing that that same man was blessed with a big heart. I hope you enjoyed spending some time with a fellow 'picker', he's so special in so many ways. Thanks again, you made him very happy.

(3778) Dinesh Ratti
Mon, 17 February 2014 16:24:19 +0000

Hi Tommy,

Wish you had come to visit the beautiful Pacific north west on your tour. I live in Washington and it would have been a pleasure to watch you live in concert!

(3777) Carl Evans
Mon, 17 February 2014 04:51:43 +0000

Hi tommy, your guitar playing is amazing. I love the story of you and Chet. Do you ever plan to come to anchorage AK. In the near future. I think you would love it and the people would fall in love with you. And you with them. The sites are like nothing you've seen before. Think about it you won't regret it. Thank you for your time.

(3776) Brent Fox
Sun, 16 February 2014 21:50:54 +0000

Mr. Emmanuel,
I just wanted to say thank you for being so kind to my son. He attended your concert on Friday and your seminar on Saturday morning at Tommy Fest in Kentucky. He is 16 and you are his biggest musical inspiration. His name is Houston and you posed with him for a picture and signed his guitar. I know it must get old sometimes but your kindness meant the world to him. This weekend was his Christmas gift and he said it was all he wanted. Thanks again for being a good role model for my son and taking some time with him.

Brent Fox