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(3755) John Murray
Mon, 10 February 2014 22:50:22 +0000

Hope to see you visiting New York in the near future.
Your picking is inspiring.
Best Wishes!

(3754) Bryan Dunn
Mon, 10 February 2014 17:01:14 +0000

Trying to be as "Fearless guitar player " as you are. Its tough at times, being full-time at this, Your words of encouragement serve as a compass for my heart. Met you in 05 saw you with the incredible vocalist Anthony Snape at The Harrison Opera house in Norfolk ,VA this year.

(3753) Mark Mach
Mon, 10 February 2014 13:01:46 +0000

Would sure like to see some tour dates booked in Texas

(3752) Mosi
Mon, 10 February 2014 05:46:35 +0000

Dear Tommy,

I am an 8 year young Golden Retriever in Taiwan who was not allowed to join my folks attending your concert in Taipei, Oct. 26, 2008. I love your music as you can see here (s. ) and I would love to see you live in Taipei sometime with my family. I could disguise as your guide dog. I was told Jose Feliciano had one, of course you are not blind like him, but maybe it could be a funny stunt.

I am truly well behaved and sleeping most of the time when not listening to your music, eating, etc.

Knowing that you are very busy making people (without dogs ;-) happy, I will wait patiently to hear from you.

Wuff, wuff

(3751) gabriel
Mon, 10 February 2014 02:54:46 +0000

Olá tommy emmanuel, só em falar esse nome ja imagino em uma grande pessoa que nao toca violao mas que transmite o sentimento que está no violão, bom admiro muito sua habilidade no violao, musicas, minha preferida é Drivetime, não só essa mas tambem angelina e outras mais. Bom venho por meio dessa carta pedir um favor ou troca, queria ter 1 mês de aulas de violão com o senhor em troca fasso trabalhos na equipe em shows ou algo assim, mas eu so queria ter uma chance de ter 1 mês ou 1 semana de aula com o grande Tommy Emmanuel, toco violao á algum tempo e sempre quis aprender a transmitir esse belo sentimento e mensagem através do violao como o senhor faz deixarei meu email como contato meu. Obrigado pela atenção, Meu nome é Gabriel Lennon, tenho de 16 anos e moro em Brasilia- Df Brasil Email:


Translation: Hello tommy emmanuel only to speak that name already imagine in a big person who does not play guitar but it conveys the feeling that the guitar is good, really admire your skill in guitar, music, my favorite is Drivetime, not only this but also angelina and more. Well I've been through this letter to ask a favor or exchange, wanted to have 1 month of guitar lessons with you in exchange fasso work on staff at shows or something, but I just wanted to have a chance to be 1 month or 1 week in class with the great Tommy Emmanuel, the guitar will play a while and always wanted to learn to convey this beautiful feeling and message through the guitar like you do leave my email as my contact. Thanks for your attention, My name is Gabriel Lennon, have 16 years old and live in Brasilia Brazil Email: gabriel.lennon @

(3750) Barry Jacobson
Mon, 10 February 2014 01:22:54 +0000


Thanks for a great concert in Mesa! I had a great time. Thanks for being an inspiration to all of us who love the Guitar.

Best wishes for continued success on your tour.

Best Regards,

(3749) Phil
Sun, 9 February 2014 17:53:26 +0000

Hope you'll be coming to Ireland again. From your schedule - doesn't look like it'll be in 2014!

(3748) Igor Laridon
Sun, 9 February 2014 14:35:30 +0000

Hi Tommy

Can you please inform us when you are planning to come to Belgium.

We cannot wait to see you in concert again!



(3747) anders Lindholm
Sun, 9 February 2014 09:10:41 +0000

Hallo Tommy, i am wondering when you are coming to Sweden next time, You know i live in Uppsala Sweden i met you there the last time you play in Sweden, it was with , the Kings of strings, Me and my wife has been to New York, Birdland
2012, we vere listning to Dorado Smith and his orkestra, very good.
Have a very pleasent time with your tour, take care of you

from a Sweden fan
67 year Young

Anders Lindholm my English is not so good as you can see.

(3746) Ted Kessler
Sun, 9 February 2014 07:05:28 +0000

Dear Tommy,
I stumbled across you on YouTube a few months ago. Without a doubt you are the most versatile guitarist I've every seen (I'm 64 years old). Although I've been playing many years, I've never learned how to play properly and am now taking lesson and trying to become a "musician" (a tough gig). I watched your YouTube piece from TEDxMelbourne and was surprised to hear you say that you don't read or write music. What you do with the guitar is nothing short of phenomenal and although after watching several of your performances I feel like using my guitar as firewood, I still carry on. You are truly an inspiration, even to an old fellow like me.
Thank you for all you do. Your are wonderful to listen to and even more wonderful to watch play.
Ted Kessler
Vista, California