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(3738) Ralph Luben
Fri, 7 February 2014 16:29:34 +0000

I saw your show in Denver last night...totally awesome! Thanks for a beautiful evening!

(3737) Tim K.
Fri, 7 February 2014 15:50:04 +0000

Hey Tommy,
Wow, you are an unbelievable guitar player and from what I can tell from your youtube video performances, you are a kind and loving spirit! I really hope I get a chance to see you in concert sometime in the near future! I work at Penn State University --- Wow, would it be great to have you come here to play sometime!! hint, hint ! I play the guitar a little bit just for my personal enjoyment - and I am in awe of your skill and what it must have taken in work and dedication to achieve it!! Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

(3736) Craig Szelestey
Fri, 7 February 2014 00:45:23 +0000


Was just introduced to your music and am blown away.

Do you plan on touring in the US anytime soon?


Craig Szelestey

(3735) Patrick O'Malley
Thu, 6 February 2014 20:11:38 +0000

Hey Tommy, I'll be seeing you on 2/14 in Etown. I kept missing the boat to enroll at the Fur Peace Ranch for your workshops. I attended a Roy Bookbinder workshop several years ago at the Ranch and it would be a chance of a lifetime to share a weekend with you. Been a player for over 40 years and you are second to none. This will be my first chance to see you live and I'm bringing 5 others from Cincinnati and Louisville. I can't wait ! Sincerely, Patrick

(3734) Mark
Thu, 6 February 2014 17:49:30 +0000


Thanks for a GREAT concert! Again, and as always, you gave a sensational performance. It was fun to see you and Martin Taylor perform too. Martin writes and plays very touching music. I do have one request, I would like to know the name of the song you sang without music to the lady in the balcony (Barbara?). I got so lost in the message, I forgot the name.

Thanks, hope to see you next year here in sunny Albuquerque.

Kind regards,

(3733) Jeff Randall
Thu, 6 February 2014 16:43:14 +0000


We really enjoyed the show last night - thanks for coming to Albuquerque.

I am curious about your song "The Finger Lakes". Have you spent time in the area? If so, on what lake? We have property on Keuka Lake.

Thanks again,

(3732) Þorsteinn G. Gunnarsson
Thu, 6 February 2014 15:40:54 +0000

Hi Tommy, looking forward to the concert in Reykjavík!

(3731) Frank Chapman
Thu, 6 February 2014 09:34:42 +0000

HI Tommy,

Just wanted to know are there any tour dates for Australia this year. We would love to come see you live.

Frank & Katy

(3730) Mark Blackburn
Thu, 6 February 2014 04:28:02 +0000

Would the kind soul who reads this kindly pass along to Mr. Emmanuel. I know he will appreciate:

[As an aside: Hope I got the email right for a possible meet and greet with Tommy before the show. I'm Mark Blackburn of Winnipeg Canada. The other name on the backstage pass would be for my guitarist grandson, Thomas Blackburn.]

I wanted to pass along to Mr. Emmanuel my (latest) appreciation -- upon purchasing tickets for his May 24 appearance (first ever in Winnipeg) at our "West End Cultural Center." Here is the link I'd love him to see right now -- just posted to the 'world's biggest website for musicians,' HARMONY CENTRAL.

I have two threads going at Harmony Central's "songwriting workshop" forum, one titled "A Great Melody First THEN the lyrics" with nearly 500,000 (correct) "views." This one is my more recent "When's a country song a COUNTRY song?" thread which turned 3,000 "views" this week. Hope this latest, posted in the past hour is blue and clickable and takes you there. (bottom of page)

Be well and happy, Mr. Emmanuel! And stay healthy for your visit here May 24.

Your biggest fan in the frozen North,

Mark Blackburn
Winnipeg Manitoba Canada''

(3729) Rich B. - Phoenix, AZ
Thu, 6 February 2014 03:08:42 +0000

Thank you for the indescribable, wonderful experience at the Mesa Arts Center on 2-4-14. Your talent, energy and sincerity is a rare combo found in people. Your sharing is much appreciated. Lifted my heart.