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(3725) Cindy Sayler
Wed, 5 February 2014 17:15:21 +0000


My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed your and Martin's performance in Mesa last night. All I can say is, "Wow." You truly speak through your music. I can't wait for the next time. Come back to Mesa as soon as you can. The Musical Instrument Museum in Scottsdale has a nice theater too. Thanks for the wonderful show.


(3724) John Kelemen
Wed, 5 February 2014 14:34:25 +0000

I was fortunate enough to attend your performance last night at the Mesa Arts Center. The show was everything I hoped it would be and more.
I had originally purchased the tickets as a gift for my father. Unfortunately, his cancer has progressed to the point where leaving the house to see a show is no longer possible. He insisted that my wife and I use the tickets.

You spoke about Chet commanding you to perform his song 'I Still Can't Say Goodbye' because 'The World Needed to Hear It'. Well, I had never heard that song, but I can say that I needed to here it. My eyes welled up. It did help me release emotions that I kept bottled up, as I later did have a good cry.

So thank you for playing from the heart and putting yourself out there. You and your music are a positive force in this world and it does make a difference.


(3723) Cliff Cassidy
Wed, 5 February 2014 09:16:27 +0000

It is 4 o'clock in the morning and I have just watched and listened to your 2006 concert from Her Majesty's Theatre. From a troubled night to a feeling of peace and tranquility, I thank you for following your calling and providing so much joy. I wish you all the very best Tommy!

(3722) Carol Hinds
Wed, 5 February 2014 03:10:45 +0000

Mr. Emmanuel~I have been introduced to your music by my son who is an inmate at CSP~SAC where you performed recently thanks to the CAP facilitator, J. Carlson who made it possible. My son, Adam was introduced to you after your concert and told you that he and his cellmate simply laughed hysterically after listening to you. This surprised you, and you asked why they would laugh. The response, "because nobody plays guitar like that...that's just insane!" You brought a gift to the ears of all of those men...many of them are musicians like my son, who participate in the classical guitar class with Gabe, and spend countless hours to practice in order to improve. They all have a new and profound respect for what you do with a guitar now that they have enjoyed your talents. You lit the place up and gave them a gift that they still speak about today and one they will never forget. Music has saved many lives in there, and I am grateful to you for sharing 90 minutes with these men and giving them something no one can ever take away.
Sincerely, a new fan, C. Hinds

(3721) Will
Tue, 4 February 2014 15:06:50 +0000

Hey TE, when are you coming to Perth again? I've seen you a few times, but not for a couple of years. Listen to your music almost every day, so would love to see another live show.
55 was a great year!

(3720) Linda
Tue, 4 February 2014 01:40:59 +0000

Hi Tommy! My brother turned me on to your talent this past weekend with the YouTube video of Mombasa in Seoul 2009. We've watched it over and over and our two young children, 6 and 4, love it almost as much as I do! Just wanted to give you a shout out and a thanks for inspiring with your wonderful talent! And, PLEASE COME TO MICHIGAN! :] Detroit area preferred! Ann Arbor is perfect for you! We'd love to come and see your show! Take care and God bless you! Linda Weber from Farmington Hills, MI

(3719) Harry
Mon, 3 February 2014 04:59:46 +0000

Just found your TEDx talk while looking to share a glimpse of Guitar Boogie Emmanuel with friends. Thanks for sharing your personal thoughts. Best wishes!

(3718) linda hunter
Sun, 2 February 2014 20:53:08 +0000

Drove in from Tahoe last night to see your concert with friends and we all agreed that are the best we had ever seen. I'm embarrassed to say, I'm not much of a music fan and had never heard of you, but believe me, you have made me a fan for life! I can hardly wait until you come back to Grass Valley. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

(3717) Erin
Sun, 2 February 2014 18:24:30 +0000

I just enjoyed your fantastic performance in Grass Valley, CA. Thank you for your energy and for sharing your incredible talent. Thank you also for allowing small venues the opportunity to be spoiled with an up close show. Best of luck in your continued travels and shows :-)

(3716) Nikki
Sun, 2 February 2014 00:47:05 +0000

At the end of a difficult week, I was thinking that what I needed was a 'Tommy show', so I was delighted to find your new video of The Journey on-line last night. It's awesome! Thank you!
I just can't decide which of the five of you is having the most fun!