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(3708) Cindy Curry
Fri, 31 January 2014 05:57:16 +0000

Hi Tommy, I just wanted to say I hope you are having a good day!!!

(3707) Josh LaFrance
Thu, 30 January 2014 22:53:21 +0000

We would really love to have you come up the west coast to Vancouver or even better Victoria to do a show or two. Thanks a million and you have changed my outlook on the guitar and music forever.

(3706) Callum Hodgson
Thu, 30 January 2014 14:23:19 +0000

Absolutely the greatest human being to exist, and the most amazing and inspirational idol anyone could wish for. #TommyForPrimeMinister

(3705) Paul Murphy
Thu, 30 January 2014 09:42:10 +0000

Hey Tommy
Been a fan for years. First time I saw you was with a mate and going out to see a band. One playing locally but never heard of them but they were playing a a big venue in Melbourne that night so we thought, they can't be too bad. Goldrush .. who are they we thought. From then I followed you guys when you and Phil used to come to Melbourne. I had a large group come along when you played one gig and the power went off. No big deal. You and Phil just rang throught the audience with your acoustic guitars. I held my little daughter, now 23, in my arms as I watched you go through the motions of shopping centre promos.
Now all that work has paid off.
Makes me proud to be an aussie.
Bloody lengend
cheers Paul fm Melbourne

(3704) George
Thu, 30 January 2014 05:39:56 +0000

I'm a little bit older than you and just discovered you. Where the heck have YOU been!!?? I play guitar, but you PLAY guitar! My son-in-law, the "lead" player is floored.

You, sir, are a MUSICIAN!

I noticed you have a week off between Spain and BC.... maybe a side trip to Alaska?? There are MANY really fine players and pickers up here. World-class bluegrass. It would be an honor if you could ever make time in your schedule for the culturally-bereft State of Alaska.

Thank you for the great music! It's a genuine thrill to hear it!

(3703) Dave
Thu, 30 January 2014 04:38:24 +0000

Tommy - I caught your concert in Grants Pass, OR a year or so ago and love your guitar playing.
I'm going to be in Melbourne the first week of February and thought I read somewhere that one of your guitars is on display at one of the museums there.
Is that right and can you tell me which one?

Thanks - Dave

(3702) Martha De La Cruz
Thu, 30 January 2014 01:57:30 +0000

Had the pleasure of seeing you at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo-Excellent-more than we could have wished for! I smiled so much my face hurt. Looking forward to your return to the area.
martha and carlos

(3701) Rick Helmuth
Wed, 29 January 2014 23:51:55 +0000

Hi Tommy. I'm met you the last time you were in Fresno. I was with my dad and brother, Gerald Helmuth. If you remember he brought you some raisins. Tommy I'd like to ask you for a favor. Gerald has tickets for tonights show but due to some health issues he's spending the night in the hospital instead. He spent four days in intensive care and is now in a regular room. When his wife called me this afternoon to say we wouldn't be going she said that he was in tears. Gerald has (like my mom) loved music all his life, but when it comes to you and your music it does something to him that I've never seen. Anyway back to the favor if you could find a minute if what I'm sure is a very bus day I can't think off anything that could mean more at this time than a get well call from you. I hope you can find time to do this and if not I'd still like to thank you for the enjoyment you've given Gerald through your music. Phone # is 559-285-6400

Thank you
Gerald's brother Rick

(3700) Bob Daitz
Wed, 29 January 2014 22:49:35 +0000

Bob Daitz, Road Manager from Van Halen here. We moved our company and family to Naples, Florida. You're going to be in Ft. Myers. if you have a minute and need to hide, let me know.

Bob Daitz: 614-732-2118 (Cell) / 614-847-4375 (Office)

Give a shout. We'll buy tickets and come see you up there.

All the Best,


(3699) Eliza Rogan
Wed, 29 January 2014 17:30:18 +0000

Hi Tommy,

My name is Eliza Rogan. I am writing to you because I just watched your TED Talk and I was so moved that I felt I needed to get in touch with you. I wanted to tell you a story. My husband Josh Rogan was at your show in Aspen at the Wheeler Opera house last winter and was so touched and inspired by your performance that he has been talking about you and referencing your show constantly ever since.
Josh is a guitar player and a song-writer, like you. There are so many ways in which you remind me of him. I met Josh when I was 16 at a rock and roll show. We fell in love and have been together for 16 years now. When we were young, he played songs for me and I told him that he must share his talent with the world. He played in a band and has been writing songs continously since he was 7 years old but he always had a day job (he was a stone mason running his own business).
Then three years ago, Josh and I decided that we couldnt stay in our hometown any longer and work our dayjobs any longer. I am a painter who has worked as a waitress for 10 years. So we made a responsible two year plan to move away from Virginia while tying up all our loose ends. But a week later, our house was sprayed from underneath by 15 skunks and we were chased out of the house into a hotel room. The skunks kicked us in the ass and taught us why wait. It reminds me of your message: This is your life, go live it!
So we did, we sold everything we owned, packed up a tiny Honda Fit with paints, canvas, easels, guitars, amps, and our dog, Harley. And we left without knowing where to go except that our dreams were no longer going to be in the background of our life.
And now three years later Josh is playing 5 days a week and I am about to publish my first children's book. And watching you today made me realize that you have to jump in or you will never have the life you want. I feel like I jumped off of a cliff three years ago and there was so much fear of failure and so many people thinking we are crazy but here we are and we are actually paying our bills with art and music. And Josh is a guy so much like you, huge heart, loves his fans much more than fame, and does this because he can't stop playing music.
I want you to meet him. I'm just throwing that out there because, if I have learned anything in the last three years, it's why not try?
Josh plays solo acoustic and he is doing something quite different as well. He was a lead guitar player for a rock and roll band for 10 years and no he plays alone. So he brought the effects from his telecaster days to acoustic guitar playing. And it is really amazing.
I want you to listen to his CD's but they aren't reflective of his current work. The latest was recorded three years ago. So maybe someday you could meet and play music together.
I looked on your tour and it is amazing that you and Josh will be playing in Florida at the same time. We are traveling down to Florida this February in our 1962 Airstream for Josh to headline a Festival in Sarasota. I noticed you are in Clearwater the same night.
Very Cool.
If you want I will buy you a beer or coffee in Florida if you have time.

Anyway, thanks for doing what you do and being an inspiration to dreamers everywhere.