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(3688) Mark Schwartz
Sun, 26 January 2014 18:22:10 +0000

HI there

Just a short note from South Africa to say Hi! and hope we get to see you here sometime really soon. I own your albums and DVD, and a guitar player, you inspire me so much to play better and keep trying to improve myself, even at 52!.

So please try and get here soon and I'll be at every show.

Best regards and thanks for the AMAZING music you make


(3687) Kenwyn Whitford
Sun, 26 January 2014 07:22:24 +0000

I was introduced to your wonderful talents through our Public Broadcast System here in Kansas. I can use a lot of superlatives like thrilling, fantastic, etc. put I'd like to thank you for showing the guitar cannot be limited. Percussive. Thumb pick or flat . . . I thought "Aha! Thats it! I don't grow because in every faction I limit my boundaries." Sure looks like more fun knocking out boundaries. Very nice way to spend my Saturday night finding for the first time talent such as yours.


(3686) Greg Seibold
Sat, 25 January 2014 23:52:57 +0000

Another Tommy concert at the Crest Theater. This time I was able to get backstage to meet him. What a humble down to eart person !! He is very patient and polite with every single fan.

The show was phenomenal, as is typical with a Tommy emmanuel show, Add to that the brilliant Martin Taylor. a night of true musical bliss. I never wanted it to end.

(3685) Barbara
Sat, 25 January 2014 20:33:26 +0000

Thank you for a wonderful evening, January 19th 2014, at the Crest Theater in Sacramento California. The tickets were a Christmas gift from our friends-who also enjoyed your music!

(3684) Dan & Lorie Castilleja
Sat, 25 January 2014 05:26:32 +0000


Yeah, that is a page of empty space above because we saw you last night (1/24/2014) in Redondo Beach and we are speechless ! I have seen you 8 times, first time last evening for my wife. She said after your Beatles Medley opening "how is it possible? Is he human?"
See you next in New Mexico.

(3683) Mark Weissman
Sat, 25 January 2014 02:17:19 +0000

Hi Tommy: I attended your concert on Tuesday in Malibu and spoke with you at the Meet & Greet. I am a physician at the Motion Picture a Television Fund. Tall guy with the brown shirt. The concert was wonderful and I am still in awe of your technique and amazing musicality. The truly special and unique aspect of your music, however, comes not only from your great skill as a guitarist but also from your visible passion for your music and from your love of what you do, your love of your family and for the way you transmit those feelings to your audience. Truly unique. I would love to talk with you further if that were ever possible.
Thank you for a wonderful performance.


Mark Weissman
(818) 400-4856

(3682) Luigi
Sat, 25 January 2014 01:04:17 +0000

Great Tommy you managed to make me play the guitar after twenty years of neglect. Of course your style is really hard to do ... but the joy of hearing the guitar that sounds like a piano is immense.
Thank you for conveying to me your enthusiasm because for my young age (55 years) is not easy to find.
Thank you, Luigi (Italy)

(3681) Anthony Kakis
Fri, 24 January 2014 22:19:55 +0000

My son Nick and I had the great fortune of seeing you and Martin Taylor in San Francisco last wek...what a great evening. You folks gave us much happiness that we are still talking about it..I play bouzouki (Greek Music) but really enjoy your playing.
Thanks again.

(3680) venise HYLAND
Fri, 24 January 2014 21:41:27 +0000

Happy Australia Day. Tommy, Clara and Gina.
venise, Louise and Brett

(3679) Kemoco
Fri, 24 January 2014 19:55:50 +0000

Hi Tommy
Just watched your Ted x show and heard you mention the message your wife had written. I assume you and Clara have 'tied the knot' and if so, wish you both all the happiness in the world. You deserve it for all the joy you bring with your music.
From a fan who met you both in Perth UK in 2012.