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(3668) Simone
Tue, 21 January 2014 09:14:19 +0000

Dear Tommy, for sure as many Fans, I say that you are the best guitarist in the world and I would be like and play like you. Which is your suggest and guidance. Do you have some proposal and/or books which should help me?

Thanks in advance and we will see in Catania(Italy) on 30 Apr 2014.

Best Regards,
Simone Logozzo

(3667) Lea Williams
Tue, 21 January 2014 01:58:42 +0000

DEAR Tommy
We just came back from seeing you in San Francisco - you were better than ever!!!
After seeing you in Seattle a few months ago, I e-mailed you to please consider coming to Vancouver as there are a lot of musicians and I.m certain fans who would love to see you play. Now you are now coming to Vancouver (obviously not because of my e-mail) and we will be in England until May 15th when you will be here. Tough luck for us!! We will be telling all of our friends to get tickets if they want to catch the BEST concert of the year. Truly!!
Thank you for giving us so much pleasure.

(3666) Robin Horaist
Tue, 21 January 2014 01:42:42 +0000

I am absolutely amazed at how soulfully and effortlessly you play the acoustic guitar. Am am such a fan!! My husband and I have tickets to see you perform in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on February 8, 2014, and I am so excited to see you in person. I first saw you on my local PBS Network and you just mesmerized me. I enjoyed you so very much. You are always smiling while playing and I love how I can see your heart when you play. I also love to hear you sing. I am hoping you will plan a vocal song when in Baton Rouge. You make me smile and bring joy to my heart. Thank you so much for touring and sharing your unremarkable talent with the world!! I will look forward to seeing you in Baton Rouge very soon! Best wishes during all your travels.
Your #1 Fan,
Robin Horaist (It is French and pronounced "Oray")

(3665) Shahriar Tavakoly
Mon, 20 January 2014 16:29:09 +0000

Hi Tommy,

This is shah. We met in your amazing concert in LA 2 years before and I explained that I invented a new pick and picking method with sharp/wide tip. You signed my electric guitar as well. I always admire you as the best acoustic guitar player ever exist.
Unfortonately, there is a person who claims he dreamed jesus and he gave all my invented picks to him as gift!!! He's going to sell my pick in the NAMM show however i don't even have a pass to get in the NAMM show. I need your help please.
In january, 22nd I will open a show for Michael Angelo Batio to present a song with this pick. May I ask you please let me play one song before your show to present my invented pick to the world. Please, I need your help.

Thank you very very much.
Have a wonderful show.


Cell: 310 346 3005

(3664) Joseph Jones
Mon, 20 January 2014 13:52:01 +0000

Hi Tommy,
Thank you for an exhilarating, wonderful show Saturday night at the Palace of Fine Arts. You made the evening extra special when you gestured to me .....this one is for you Ricky and you played my favorite ...One mint Julep! Arriving late to the venue I did not get to meet you once more and ask you to play my favorite tune. What a surprise when you dedicated and played it ! Thank you.

Joseph (AKA.....Ricky).

(3663) Iain
Sun, 19 January 2014 17:37:45 +0000

Hi tommy I discovered you on utube a couple of months ago. I' m addicted to your incredible talent. Just to thank you for your talent and the immense pleasure that you give to me and my partner. If you ever do a concert near Brest, in France, we'll be there! Good luck for your future Iain


REPLY: March 2014  dates in France in the tour section!

(3662) scott
Sun, 19 January 2014 07:00:24 +0000

Hey Tommy, you are going to play in Saskatoon Sask, Canada in a while, I am in a group called "2 darn hot", we do 40s 50s cool renditions and I am the guitar player, we do a tune called "Wild women never get the blues" I have been a little stuck on the solo. I have transcribed most of your stuff, I would love it if you could just do a quick you tube solo on : wild women dont get the blues " If you need an opener for your Saskatoon show, we could get the crowd going for you ! We sold out the last venue !! I love your stuff !!!

(3661) James Abernethy
Sat, 18 January 2014 21:50:14 +0000

Hi Tommy:

My wife and I will be at the Crest Theatre tomorrow Sun Jan 19th, which happens to be our 23rd wedding anniversay and I was wondering if you would sign our guitar for us.

We are up in the balcony James and Jeannie Abernethy.

Looking forward to seeing you perform!


(3660) Paul H
Fri, 17 January 2014 17:39:42 +0000

Hey Tommy! I really enjoyed the last show you did at the Birchmere but I noticed you do no have Virginia on your Calendar for 2014. Please come back to the Birchmere my friends and I are waiting! I love your Chet Atkins medleys by the way.


(3659) Bob Hammond
Fri, 17 January 2014 15:25:14 +0000

Hi Tommy,

Saw you on TV last week, you are more than great.....
I am trying to find somewhere close to see you live this year.
I live in central Pennsylvainia.