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(3905) Max
Sun, 6 April 2014 10:54:34 +0000

Hi Tommy!
I want to say "thank you!" Again, for your statement in Yekaterinburg and meet backstage. It was two hours of magic! Your performance made ​​me happier! Ekaterinburg will wait for your return!

With best wishes and respect from Ekaterinburg.

(3904) Ann
Sat, 5 April 2014 16:58:48 +0000

Dear TommyCGP: Played another gig at the senior center yesterday. I continue to be inspired by the beauty of your music and your caring for humanity. Must revise my comment about (how I think) how much you mean to us - the "more than you know" statement - in my previous letter. Hmm! If anyone could know what's going on with your fans it is you. I remember the concert at Balboa in early 2011 and how that beautiful venue was filled with love. What a wonderful moment to meet you for the first time. During your concert you said words to the effect that if anyone had told you just a few years prior that you would be there at Balboa you would have not have believed them. And you mentioned meeting awesome people - as I did that night as well, :-) . . . And Australian Golden Maple trees. Ah, yes. Beauty in nature. I have developed a deeper love for trees since you found me at Balboa. Without the wonderful wood where would the gorgeous guitars come from? With apologies to the lyricist of "Just in Time" -- Just in time, you found me just in time, before I got there my time was running low . . . ---Oh, yeah! Thank you, for gathering up, me and my fragmented existence, and lighting my path for this ongoing new unexpected chapter in my life. (I even have fans!) Saw the video of you and John K and am looking forward to the album. Beautiful. Just consistently beautiful. Full of joy and able to express the emotion of it all. God continue to Bless and Keep you and yours. Waiting for your next concert in our area . . . it is wonderful anticipating your concerts and then after it is like taking a dive into a cold ocean and tolerating that experience until you return again and you find me again and lift me as a dear friend does. Thank you, Tommy for the enduring beauty you have brought to my life. Safe travel and joyous concerts to you. + Blessings and Love + A (I am thrilled that you read my words through your guestbook. Thank you, Gina. I love you, too.)

(3903) Mike Scanlon
Sat, 5 April 2014 13:19:10 +0000

Hey Tommy, just grabbed a ticket for the August 14th show in Fall River, MA! It simply amazes me that we have the opportunity to see the greatest acoustic guitar player in the world perform in such an intimate venue as The Narrows Center for the Arts. I'll be looking forward to it all summer!

(3902) Joe McPartlin
Fri, 4 April 2014 19:37:54 +0000

I saw the obit for Arthur Smith today. This must be like losing an old friend. My condolences. You've given much honor to a revered musical masterpiece.

(3901) Rick Pickett
Fri, 4 April 2014 17:30:35 +0000

Dear Tommy Emmanuel

I have been a dedicated fan for many years. I caught several of your amazing shows in England and always left breathless! I struggle to play just tiny easier aspects of your genius but seldom get there. I now live in France and glory be, you were to perform at Rocher De Palmer, which is very close to where I live. Of course I hurriedly bought tickets and requested a 'meet and greet' which was granted; for me a dream come true; to be able to shake the hand of sheer genius! On the night of the concert I was taken ill. Although I have a hardy resolve, I was sadly unable to attend the concert. Maybe some day in the future I can try again. I shall always remain one of your most ardent fans.

Kind regards and thank you for your genius

Rick Pickett


(3900) Darran
Wed, 2 April 2014 22:02:19 +0000

Hi, Tommy! Really looking forward to seeing you play live in Kelowna, BC, in May.

Will you be offering any guitar clinics while in town? I'd love to pick your brain about how you use chords - I think Ted Greene must be your guardian angel.

Kind regards,

Darran in Kelowna.

(3899) Decio Di Napoli Catalano
Wed, 2 April 2014 18:47:58 +0000

Hi Tommy,

Please consider a presentation in Brazil - Sao Paulo

Best regards,


(3898) Attilio
Wed, 2 April 2014 08:17:15 +0000

waiting for your arrival in Genova.
Welcome Tommy!

(3897) Geir Madsen
Tue, 1 April 2014 11:08:27 +0000

Hi Tommy,
First I have to say that you inspaiering me to play gitar.

And I love to see how you inspaiering Yours fans to play gitare. (Back stade)

(3896) Ian Lynch
Sun, 30 March 2014 22:02:44 +0000

It would be great to see you play at Leamington Assembly when you are next in the UK. Great venue (won the highly coveted Music Week Award for 'Best Live Music Venue' in 2010 after winning the award for 'Best Live Entertainment Venue' at the 2009 Godiva Awards.) Venue managers are both guitar nuts and love your work.