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(3428) Monika Leibundgut
Thu, 10 October 2013 20:50:45 +0000

Good evening Mr. Emmanuel,
i thank you so much for your wonderfull music, your famous music accompanies me during the whole day, every day and night and gives me peace, relaxing times, power, fun, very lucky moments by "Angelina"; "Morning aire"; "Questions"; "Walls" with Lizzy Watkins, "Cowboys dream" and so on.
I wish you all the best for your future and great you from germany.
God bless you. Thank you

(3427) Ashlee Irwin
Wed, 9 October 2013 23:13:28 +0000

Dear Tommy,

I’m not sure if you will get this message but it is worth a shot! My name is Ashlee Irwin, I am 25 and I live in Hobart Tasmania. My partner, Rob Davis is 26. We met in 2006 whilst studying at college. Rob brought his Ovation to school with him every day and could be found in the music department playing for hours on end. This seemed pretty standard, lots of teenagers are in to guitar at that age. What was unusual was his choice in music, Rob wasn’t interested in punk rock or the hottest 100 like most other guys (mostly trying to impress the girls I might add!). Rob was interested in the masters, Chet Atkins and Tommy Emmanuel. He was also 100% self-taught.

After relocating to Hobart, Rob continued his dedication to his guitar playing, balancing study and work to find a few hours each day to play. We saw your last concert in Hobart with your brother Phil and were lucky enough to meet with you before the show. A highlight of Rob’s year or decade even! I am sure you won't remember as you must meet thousands of people each year but Rob was star struck and couldn't even talk! .

In early 2013, Rob was diagnosed with a bulged disc in his lower back, not a serious condition but enough to make him have to leave his job and stay in bed for the majority of the time whilst he waits for surgery (9 months and counting). Rob has spent the majority of this downtime listening to your music, watching your videos (interviews, demonstrations, anything he can find!) and playing your songs.

Rob always comments on how inspiring you have been for him, how your dedication and commitment to your craft and your hard work have allowed you to bring joy to thousands of people through your music. It motivates him to get out of bed in the morning, push through the pain and play guitar. I wish to thank you for helping to get Rob through a though time in his life. Your music has really saved him.

We are hoping to attend your upcoming concert in Hobart, Tasmania on the 29th of November (depending on Rob’s condition). I know this is an extraordinary request and that you are an extremely busy person but I wondered if you could spare half an hour of your time to meet with Rob, just to talk or to show him some tips and tricks. If this is at all possible, please contact me via or 0409 430 079. I would be eternally grateful and it would blow Rob’s mind.

For his 26th birthday we purchased a brand new Maton in your honour, to go alongside his families Ovation from 1965. It is the first guitar he has ever purchased and you were instrumental in his choice.

I hope that I hear from you or your management team soon and look forward to seeing you in Hobart.

Best wishes,

(3426) Tomas Segelberg
Tue, 8 October 2013 21:32:03 +0000

Hi tommy you are my biggest idol and i am trying to learn all of your songs and i have one quest for you. I wonder if you can give me some private lessons? So i can have a one man show someday. /cheers

(3425) Ken Garcia
Tue, 8 October 2013 18:44:43 +0000

Hey! Next time you get to NYC USA to play, give us a holla won't ya mate!

(3424) Den Vichakyotin
Tue, 8 October 2013 16:17:18 +0000

Hi Tommy,
My name is Den Vichakyotin from Bangkok. I have a story to tell you that very important for me.

Before God began changing my life and found your album “ONLY”, I dreamt of going into the music industry. But when I tried, nothing happened. Then, after I dedicated my life to serve the Lord,and learn your music He gave me an open door. Earlier last two year(2011), along with 9 other guitarists, I had the opportunity to record a 3 volume album “Pretty Guitar” with the top recording company in Thailand GMM GRAMMY. The other 9 guitarists are all professional performers such as Ajarn Bunchop, and people wonder about me, I’m just a teacher at a Bible seminary!

The reason that I wrote this letter to you because I need a chance to play the guitar in your concert 1 song (He leadeth me) for thank you God, Tommy Emmanuel and encourage your fan about this story.

I’ve heard that you will come to play concert in Bangkok with Martin Taylor next month. If you permit me to do this, please let me know by someone in Bangkok to call me.(66812086155 or

Thank you very much for read this mail.

God bless you.
Den Vichakyotin

P.S.Sorry for my English language. It’s very poor!

(3423) Karen Gale
Tue, 8 October 2013 15:13:07 +0000

Hi Tommy,
My husband Anthony & I can't wait to see you in Gladstone on 8th November, we saw you in Rocky a few years back... expecting the same musical genius that we witnessed last time.. absolutely love what you do! p.s. We are in Seats H12 & 13, feel free to say Hi from onstage!! :) xox

(3422) Drielly Caroline
Tue, 8 October 2013 12:58:30 +0000

My name is Drielly, I'm 22 years old and live in Brazil. I'm doing a term paper in my college course on Fingerstyle. The theme is very difficult because there is stuff to support my research. The only material that I use are books and interviews and wanted to know if you have any suggestions to help me in the research or could answer a small questionnaire so I can use it as a bibliographic reference.

thank you

I await response!

(3421) Radoslav Georgiev
Mon, 7 October 2013 16:38:43 +0000

Hi Tommy,
I would like to ask you if you have any tutorials or you can give me any help for guitar playing. Im from Bulgaria, and here we don't have much guitar players like you, or any like you for that mather. Im 20 and barely starting to play acoustic. So my question is: Could you help me get better? Im very eager to learn how to play atleast 1% close to you because you are amazing. The greatest guitarist i have ever seen and heard. I know you get much requests like this but im beging you to help me because i can't find a normal techer in my town or anywhere near it :(. I hope you see this messege and reply with your best :). Sorry for my english by the way, still learning :).

(3420) Gabe Alexander
Sat, 5 October 2013 06:54:18 +0000


You are an amazing guitarist... but I suspect that you know that already. I am happy that you are coming to San Fransisco on January 17 and 18, 2014, but I was hoping you could also come to Seattle, where I live. Is there any chance of seeing you here?


(3419) Phil Rogers
Fri, 4 October 2013 23:28:24 +0000

Hello Tommy,

It has been a privilege to hear you play. I have listened to little else since I was exposed to your music. Your gift has touched and helped many when nothing else could. I have tried to play some of your songs using your instructional DVDs. I am curious to know how the action on your guitars are set. You make it look so effortless. I know hours and hours of practice make things easier. I'm not looking for trade secrets, just a little help to play more easily. You are a great inspiration for many of us that want to continue playing and for those just starting out. I look forward to seeing you again in St. Louis and anywhere near. Thank you again for your gift.