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(3375) William James
Mon, 23 September 2013 02:02:31 +0000


It was a thrill to meet you at your concert in Evansville, IN on Friday evening. Thank you for being so gracious by signing my guitar. Your music has been such an inspiration and blessing to me, thanks again for being so kind. My wife and I are looking forward to the next time we will be able to see you again.

Bill & Anita James

(3374) Lynn Roles
Sun, 22 September 2013 21:31:54 +0000

Hi, Tommy! Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with us. I am not speaking only of your extraordinary musical talents, but also of your personality and zest for living. I write not only for myself, but for so many others who are touched when they see and hear you perform. You are a brilliant entertainer, yet appear to be so likeable and approachable. I have had the opportunity to see you perform only once in person, in Richmond, Virginia, but it ranks as my favorite concert. My husband and I watched the live feed from the Windsong performance last Monday and are enjoying the videos on Tommy TV. You have raised the entertainment bar to a high level, and I thank you again for letting us share it.
Congratulations on your recent marriage to a lovely lady!

(3373) Joe Colombo
Sun, 22 September 2013 21:11:27 +0000

Hi, Tommy.
I met you (at the meet and greet with the non-PBS group) and heard you play last night in Columbus, Ohio. Great Show!! And it was truly amazing to meet you. You really need to look in to coming to Charleston, WV to perform at the Clay Center. It's a beautiful venue that would be perfect for you. Thanks for the autographs; I hope to see you again some day.
By the way, I'm a school teacher, and my 3rd grade class said to tell you that they said, Hello!

(3372) Harry Paul
Sun, 22 September 2013 21:05:48 +0000

Hey tommy,

I am a jazz studies performance major (for guitar) at the Ohio state university and I was fortunate enough to see you play last night here in columbus. I was impressed that you have come so far by working songs out by ear. These days it's so easy to use tab for everything and as a result a lot of players don't really listen to what they are playing. I was truly inspired by what you said about the music industry being the industry of joy, and hope your right that hard work pays off. Keep making great music.

(3371) Jay Mauter
Sun, 22 September 2013 15:19:17 +0000

10 yrs of waiting and I finally was fortunate enough to see you perform in Columbus, Oh. Everything I had hoped for and more. Truly an emotional experience. Unexpectedly the highlight of the evening for me was "I still can't saw goodbye" I could feel Chet Atkins. Absolutely incredible.

(3370) Serge
Sat, 21 September 2013 23:07:43 +0000

Dear Tommy, greetings from Russia!

Thank you so much for your latest DVD, I'll be among the first to get it! It's also a great idea to attach hands-only versions for some songs. That's what was missing greatly in the previous recordings! But it would be even better to have all of songs in double next time, please! I've managed to learn some of your songs by slowing down the recodnings of your perfomances and I've been playing them for about 3 years now already. I try to practice for at least half an hour everyday. I've purchased a silent guitar especially to be able to play even at late hours and to have it with me on the road (and you've signed it before this year's concert in Moscow, if you remember, thank you again!). Still far far far away from being perfect but I'm not going to stop this pleasure!!)) Also I'd like to thank you for your new songs, love all of them and I've learned the Secret love from YouTube already, it's a beauty! Looking forward impatiently to attend your concert in April here in Russia, already got the tickets. Please, take good care and be safe on the road!

(3369) E. Paluzzi
Sat, 21 September 2013 20:00:01 +0000

Another great show Thursday night at the Park West. Crazy good playing as usual. I"m still in a Purple Haze. Had a great time. Thanks Tommy.

(3368) Ondřej Dobisík
Sat, 21 September 2013 08:04:13 +0000

Hello Tommy,

greetings from Czech Republic. I´ll just skip the usual gibberish ´bout how you inspired me to play guitar etc. It´s true but I´m sure you´re tired to constantly read this praise from all over the world.

I think it´s imperative for you (that is, if you´re ever going to read this) to see this:

I´m sure you must´ve heard of this man, Alexey Arkhipovsky, already, but if you by any mischance haven´t, well, there he is. Enjoy.

I´m looking forward to see you again someday live in Czech Republic.

(3367) Jim Latshaw
Sat, 21 September 2013 05:15:11 +0000

I've been picking for over 70 years - Want you to know I absolutely love what you do on the guitar. I have many of your tunes on DVD and listen to them all the time. I can no longer play, but I sure can listen. You're wonderful, period!!!

(3366) Rick Hansen
Sat, 21 September 2013 02:12:28 +0000

Hi Tommy,

We caught your show last night at Park West. What a wonderful show! Thank you for coming to Chicago and sharing your marvelous talent with us. Bravo!!!!