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(3295) Logan Dyer
Sun, 1 September 2013 06:57:06 +0000


Can't wait for the Evansville, IN Sept 20th show.

The 28th of Sept, Evansville is trying to break the Guinness World Book Record for Largest Ensemble of Guitar Players. You have inspired and influenced a lot of people in our area. Please help us spread the word and make our dream a reality.

See you soon,


(3294) Tony
Fri, 30 August 2013 19:20:11 +0000

Tommy, you are such an inspiration to me. You are my favorite guitar player of all time. Please keep up the good work. Time is precious & you bring so much light to the world. May God bless you and keep you on your journey.


(3293) Dennis DAmico
Fri, 30 August 2013 18:42:11 +0000

Hi Tommy,
As the Executive Producer of the LET US IN campaign I just wanted to thank you for your most generous support in working with us and spreading the word on your website. We appreciate your artistry and your friendship beyond words.
All the best,
Dennis D

(3292) Andre Elanda
Thu, 29 August 2013 16:08:30 +0000

Hi, Mr. Emmanuel. My name is Andre from Indonesia, and yes, You did punch me on my stomach. :p

After watching all of your performance videos I'm totaly amazed. We can say I am really jealous about your skill. Maybe I'm not a really great guitar player but you did really inspire me to learn more about acoustic guitar. I hope we can talk about guitar even in my dream, I still waiting for that time :)

Once again, you are my inspiration for playing guitar.
Thank you.

(3291) Theresa Schaefer
Tue, 27 August 2013 19:39:24 +0000

Hello! I am the youngest of 13 children, and my sister who is next up in age of me is turning 50 on September 13th. We have 4 front and center tickets to your concert, and I'm just wondering if you help me in celebrating my sister by wishing her a happy 50th birthday. We are HUGE fans, and my son Robby has had the pleasure of meeting you and playing a bit of guitar with you before one of your concerts. He has been to several of your concerts, and I have had the pleasure of seeing you in concert once before. I am SOOOO looking forward to your performance in Burnsville. I would LOVE to meet you in person also if that is possible. Your talent is phenomenal, and your presence is so very humbly sweet! Thank you, and I will look forward to September 13th!

Theresa Schaefer

(3290) paul lynch
Mon, 26 August 2013 19:29:41 +0000

Dear Tommy,
since the early 70's my favourite guitarist, among many, was Manitas de Plata. I love his raw authentic flamenco style. However, since my son, Dan Lynch attended one of your masterclasses and introduced me to you at a concert a few years ago in the UK, like many more I have to say you are, by far, the best.

Now the tricky bit: sometime amid your hectic tour schedule could you please play and post on youtube a flamenco rondo. Now that would be something!
best wishes
Paul Lynch
Co. Durham, England
best wishes
Paul Lynch, Co. Durham, England

Look after those fingers, Tommy.
best regards,
Paul Lynch
Co. Durham, England

(3289) Paolo Baldon
Mon, 26 August 2013 12:44:16 +0000

Hello Tommy,
italian fans ask when we can see you in Italy!
Many thanks and have a good time

(3288) Willy tjen
Mon, 26 August 2013 09:36:24 +0000

Wanna meet u before performs

Hongkong October 18 2013

Queen Elizabeth stadium

Two guess (willy tjen and lei io hong )

(3287) Lorraine Gibson
Mon, 26 August 2013 09:09:25 +0000

Hi , any chance of Tommy coming to the UK anytime soon please?

(3286) tommy
Mon, 26 August 2013 02:42:27 +0000

Tommy, i am your big fan in sydney, do u plan lives in this year in sydney? hoping your fantastic show,lol