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(3265) Connie Kerr
Sat, 17 August 2013 16:37:00 +0000


I am completely mesmerized by your music!! I am a relative of Chet Atkins, and cannot tell you how much I admire you.

I am embarrassed to say that I only saw /heard you for the first time yesterday on PBS. I read your Bio and completely admire you!

I hope to see you at a concert


(3264) John Hamilton
Sat, 17 August 2013 06:56:00 +0000

I'm just an intermediate player. I've never had anybody to teach me ... self taught. You are so magnificent. In what key are your guitars tuned?

(3263) William Day
Fri, 16 August 2013 20:43:59 +0000!

I love how you play! It's so refreshing to hear such talent!
I'm a 'musician', too...but, some how that postal job is looking better....ha ha.
I'm a bassist and I really appreciate your talent and way of expressing it....Sweet!

Billy Day

(3262) Lori Moody
Thu, 15 August 2013 22:40:11 +0000

Hi Tommy,

I just seen your awesome show on TV for the first time I was blown away...
Very cool! My boyfriend said have you seen him? I said no, man I am so in ahhh of your talent mezmerizing...

I am planning on getting tickets to your show in Chicago at Park West on Sept. 19th. I am wanting to surprise my boyfriend and come see you perform.
His name is Mike Ohlson he is a awesome guitar player himself. He is in a couple bands Snap Shot and Interstate Outlaws and is wanting to start on his own soon as well. He has done some on his own hes getting there...

He plays bass as well as acoustic and sings very well.
(Im not just saying that) : )

I really would love a meet and greet and blow him away that I have this same passion as he does. SInce meeting him I have grown so much more respect for musicians. Its not an easy road at times but it tells such a wonderful story on the journey...

Well thank you so much for your beautiful talent its amazing...

Lori Moody ~would love to meet you~
A new fan! : )

(3261) Dominik
Thu, 15 August 2013 20:23:15 +0000

Dear Tommy,

my name is Dominik, I'm from Germany and I'm just impressed by your skills of playing the guitar. It's just amazing and listening to your songs is a pretty good way to relax, too;-) So, thanks for your music! I play the guitar for 13 years now and I wanted to ask you which book from your shop you could recommend me?

Thank you and all the best for you!


(3260) Nikki
Wed, 14 August 2013 22:54:52 +0000

Hi Tommy,
Thank you for an astounding set at the Cambridge Folk Festival! I have been lucky enough to see and hear you play live several times and I am always struck by the sheer power of your performance, but you really did seem to find an extra gear in Cambridge - fantastic!
Sunday's workshop was captivating and, you were right, one and a half hours disappeared far too quickly. Please would you consider recording 'Only Elliot' and 'Old Photographs' for Tommy TV or your YouTube channel?
I hope you enjoy the well-deserved break in your touring schedule.
Once again, thank you for your music and please come back as soon as possible!

(3259) Borys
Wed, 14 August 2013 10:14:26 +0000

Hello!I am happy with your music,espacially 3 your things with Bob Little.Just one question-why you dont make more things with him?Thanks

(3258) Richard Peel
Tue, 13 August 2013 14:23:05 +0000

Dear Tommy,

I spoke briefly to one of your team at the Cambridge Folk Festival - a great gig and thanks for the workshop too- about the possibility of you becoming an ambassador for Youth Music - a UK based charity that raises money for disadvantaged children to learn an instrument. This helps them not only musically, but with life skills too. You seemed the kind of guy who would appreciate this and so I have provided a link here to the case for support. Going to a print preview does make the images much sharper.
If you would like to help in anyway - even by just putting your name to the organisation - it would be much appreciated.

All the very best,

Richard Peel (Youth Music Trustees and Director)
+44 780 508 3595

(3257) Kevin Thompson
Tue, 13 August 2013 12:27:17 +0000

Hi Tommy

I was born 12 May 1955 and have played guitar from age 12, self-taught. A friend put me on to you a couple of weeks ago and all I can say is I am so glad. Tommy, you bring so much joy and passion to your playing and get amazing sounds and feelings from your guitar! I have been feeling a bit stale this last year or two and I wanted you to know you have re-ignited my desire and inspired me. Where have you been all my guitar life?

Keep up the good work yourself. I live in Sheffield, England. When are you coming?!


PS What's your favourite guitar to play?

(3256) Dave Dimoff
Tue, 13 August 2013 05:53:27 +0000

Dear Tommy,
Over my recent years, i have been very ill and your music and videos have been an inspiration for me to fight to reclaim my health and my ability to play guitar. I have recently finished learning "papa george" and im working on "to b or not to b." I have been working on my own stuff as well. Thank you for being a great human being and positive influence in the world. I dont see that too often.
Dave Dimoff