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(3248) Michael
Fri, 9 August 2013 22:54:11 +0000

Hello Tommy, Your guitar playing is unlike anything I have ever heard. I've played all my life. But the passion and enthusiasm you put into your playing is what is the most impressive thing about your music. I can't tell you how many times I was finally able to see live an artist who had inspired my guitar playing only to witness a half hearted effort by the artist who looks like they can't wait to finish the set. But you inspire me greatly. I may never play as well as you do but if I can have half the fun that you look like your having, then I'll be one happy man!!! Keep having fun Tommy!!! Keep having fun!!! Best to you, Michael

(3247) Dan VanDyke
Fri, 9 August 2013 18:15:55 +0000

Hello Tommy,

Got the tickets for hte Devos Performance Hall in Grand Rapids, MI. Can't wait to see you perform again.

I first saw you at the State theatre in Kalamazoo back in 2012 and left wondering when you be back to Michigan again.

My guitar instructor is a big fan as well and so I got him and 2 other firends tickets as well. They would all love the chance to meet you in person if you do a meet and greet before the show. If we could get passes I would be extremely grateful.

God Bless, Your music is absolutely awesome.

Dan VanDyke, Midland , MI

(3246) Jeff Slinkard
Thu, 8 August 2013 21:50:38 +0000

Mr Tommy,
My wife and I love your music, would love to see you perform here in NW Arkansas at the Walton Art Center. Glen Campbell played there a few years ago. to a packed house and you have plenty of "Arkie" fans here too!
May God Bless,
Jeff and Ava

(3245) Lee Morgan
Thu, 8 August 2013 20:08:11 +0000

Tommy, just wondering when you will be coming to Oregon next. We caught your show at the Elsinore Theater in Salem last year. Lucky enough to have had front row center stage seats. Several of my former bandmates got to go to the meet and greet with longtime musical cohort, Charlie Wright.
Stay well and keep playing.

(3244) Kirk Carter
Thu, 8 August 2013 19:34:37 +0000

Tommy Emmanuel,

Your music is amazing! Your music inspires me to play. For a long time I have been thinking of finishing some of the many songs I have started and creating an EP.

The moment I heard Angelina, I knew that acoustic guitar would be my main focus. I'll never give up my electric, but I feel more at home with acoustic. I mainly use my fingers for my slower and quieter songs, although I would like to learn your technique so I can get a louder sound out of those single notes and riffs.

Anyway. I just wanted to say thank you for making great music and inspiring me to continue to play and start pursuing music more seriously.

I can't wait for a chance to go to one of your concerts.


Kirk Carter

(3243) bärbel piazza
Thu, 8 August 2013 09:35:05 +0000

Hallo Tommy,

ich bin am 03.08. eigentlich zum Konzert von Paco de Lucia gekommen; ahnungslos welch ein genialer Gitarrist als "Vorgruppe" spielen sollte. Letztendlich muss ich sagen, dass ich eigentlich wegen Dir gekommen bin, Du bist außergewöhnlich, genial; sympatisch und super unterhaltsam, ich wünsche mir mehr Konzerte in Deutschland von Dir.

Ich möchte mich unendlich für dieses unbeschreiblich schöne Konzert bei Dir bedanken, du hast mir 10000000 von Glückgefühlen und Lächeln in mein Gesicht gezaubert. Ich war schon lange nicht mehr so glücklich!!!!

Hätte Dich gerne weiterhin gehört. Wünsche Dir eine schöne Zeit und bitte, bitte, bitte mach weiter so!!!!!


(3242) Tracy Fleming
Wed, 7 August 2013 19:48:15 +0000

Hi Tommy,

I saw you on YouTube this week for the first time and was blown away! I don't think I've ever seen anyone play the guitar and sound like a full band the whole time they are on stage! You are amazing! I am a new fan! I have been seriously playing the guitar (electric) for the past 13 years in churches, groups, etc. and you have inspired me to want to learn even more. I play by myself most of the time and I am the main musician in the churches I play for, so being able to carry the service is very important. I would LOVE to see you in concert one day soon! I live in Knightdale, North Carolina which is 5 min from Raleigh, NC. If you are EVER in the area, I will definitely be in the audience! Keep striking that ax!

(3241) Jane Richards
Wed, 7 August 2013 18:02:11 +0000

I'm so embarrassed that I'd never heard of you until last night when PBS aired your concert at the Sierra Nevada Brewery. What a treat to hear such a fine musician! I've made plans to hear you when you perform in Madison in September. Thank you for a wonderful musical experience. I was truly blown away and can't wait to hear you in person.

(3240) Alan Carter
Wed, 7 August 2013 06:51:19 +0000

Hi Tommy I appreciate your very busy at the moment but wonder if you could tell me which stage tuner you use? I saw you play recently in Folkestone Kent with Martin Taylor. Great gig. Many thanks, Regards Alan


Tommy said he used a Boss tuner that night ---  hope this helps! -admin

(3239) Barbara Fields
Tue, 6 August 2013 23:57:17 +0000

Hey, Tommy, I found this information on a website for Janis Ian, She is a singer and sogwriter who is now based in Nashville. If you don't already know, she was first famous in the mid-1960's when she wrote and sang "Society's Child (Baby I've Been Thinking)"at the age of 13. There is a good article about her on Wikipedia and info about her on her website. Maybe you are acquainted with her?

ANYWAY, she posted on Facebook about "Voices of Nashville: Immigration and Community." See "" and "". This seems like a project really in tune with your interests and your heart.

I don't know (without looking) where in the world you are at this moment. I just thought you might be interested.

Your fan,