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(3155) Lorene
Sun, 7 July 2013 04:08:15 +0000

Thanks meant for delivering this kind of substantial posting.

(3154) Therese
Sat, 6 July 2013 22:15:39 +0000

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(3153) Mamoru Kuobta
Sat, 6 July 2013 09:13:21 +0000

Hi Tommy-san,

My name is Mamoru Kubota mailing from Japan.

The television serial play "Ama-chan" is nationally extremely popular in Japan now. I think that this title tune is suitable for playing as galloping guitar arrangement. Please hear it by Youtube below.

If you could perform this tune in the Tommy's arrangement by all means in the live, I think that it may be catchy for Japanese.

When you've finished to play this tune, you must say "JeJeJe".
I think that you'll get a big response from audience.

I am looking forward to meeting you in the live in Japan in August.
I am pleased if this hint is helpful to you.

Sincerely yours,

Mamoru Kubota

(3152) Tim Bean
Sat, 6 July 2013 07:19:25 +0000

Tommy, Your proffesionalism and commitment to all of your fans is truly inspirational! You always seem to have time to either shake a hand, play a song, sign an autograph, or just share your knowledge and experiences to all that are lucky enough to meet you in person. Are there any plans on returning to Australia to tour in the near future? I'm sure I'm not the only person asking this question. Keep up your great work and hope to catch your show next time in Oz. Kind Regards, Tim Bean


**Australia dates are set for November!   Check and sign up for the mailing list to stay informed! -admin**

(3151) Michael Bradshaw
Sat, 6 July 2013 06:54:55 +0000

Hello Tommy!
I missed you in Newberry, SC. Because of my disability I couldn't get there. I hope the next time you play the east coast, I can find a venue easy to attend. Could you or someone from your staff please send me an email on how I can obtain an autographed photo of you? In my "guitar room" I have Bob Dylan, Keith Richard, Chet Atkins and a few others...but no Tommy Emmanuel. I would love to round out my wall of guitar greats by adding yours. Please consider my request. I will be forever grateful. You're the best!

(3150) Matti
Fri, 5 July 2013 14:37:25 +0000

Hello Tommy! How are you doing? I hope you´re doing European tour soon,as well as Scandinavian tour too. I haven´t yet seen you on stage live,and i believe it would be an amazing experience!

(3149) kirchmayr
Fri, 5 July 2013 00:35:41 +0000

You are really great. But You killed the song Purple haze.

(3148) Walter Vergeer
Thu, 4 July 2013 19:42:46 +0000

Hi Tommy, This message is to let you know I am a admirer and after I,ve heard Borsalino played by you, this harmonic, happy making musicstyle ánd the first two notes inspired me to create a song I,ve written for Brass-ensemble. If you like you can listen on youtube by using this link.

It is called Marzzy a combination of march and jazzy. I've written it just for fun!
It is played by the Fanfare in my hometown.

Have fun and please go on make people happy!

Best regards, Walter.

(3147) Jorge Vazquez
Wed, 3 July 2013 23:38:40 +0000

I was looking for a performance of Classical Gas... and I discovered yours. What a way of mastering the fretboard. Then, I started watching other of your videos on YouTube. You are an absolute entertainer: funny, skillful, and talented. You have an incredible sense of humor and you play the guitar extremely good. The guitar is like part of your body. Amazing!

Could you tell me the brand for a triple guitar stand like the one you use on stage? It looks strong. And one for a good capo?

(3146) Dennis Morgan
Wed, 3 July 2013 20:30:45 +0000

Tommy - You are SO MUCH FUN to watch! I look forward to the day you play somewhere on the Mid-Atlantic seaboard USA. dennis morgan, VA, USA

**Tommy just played up and down the East Coast ...sorry you missed him! 

He'll be back before you know it, so sign up for the mailing list to get the news first! -admin**