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(3868) yara
Mon, 17 March 2014 15:01:40 +0000

Hi, my name is yara and I'm 12 years old. Sorry if my English is not so good. My dady, Michael Keoghan, is a fan of you. Nearly all he's camera stuff got stolen, and he is very sad now. The camera stuff was worth nearly 1000 euro, so he lost a lot of money. He is sad now so I want to do something for him to make him happy again. Are you ever going to give a concert in Holland (the Netherlands) ? Because thats where we live. If you are ever coming to the Netherlands, then I can maybe buy concert tickets for my dady, because I've got some money in my bank account. I don't know or it's enough because I don't know how much tickets for your concerts cost because I don't know you do good. But it will mean a lot to my dady if he could go to one of your concerts so if you ever come to the nederlands, I'll try. I hope you are coming to the nederlands because I want my dady happy .

(3867) Fabienne Millet
Mon, 17 March 2014 14:44:02 +0000

Dear Tommy Emmanuel,
Over the last passed years, I was very lucky to be able to go to several of your concerts here in France and in UK as well. I do remember so well meeting you and Martin Taylor in Perth, Scotland, in november 2010 before your concert, such a warm welcome of yours !
This year again, I will see you on stage in Poirie Sur Vie and in Bruguières near Toulouse.
I was just wondering if you could please perform again "Initiation", which is one of my favourite, if not my favourite, tube of your's... The 1st and the last time I hear you play "Initiation" on stage was at la Cigale in Paris in 2010, it was so FANTASTIC... I think I never fully recover thince then... and it would be so FANSTASTIC to hear it again...
Anyway I'm looking forward to hearing you next week because I know it will be so much happiness, true moments of love, and may you be blessed for all this.
All the best from France, Fabienne

(3866) Andrew Riney
Mon, 17 March 2014 01:56:25 +0000

Hey Tommy! Cant wait to see you play again in Atlanta Georgia. Hopefully i will be able to meet you this time. Ever since i started watching you play i have been learning your music and i enjoy playing your music. I really appreciate what you do for the world with your gift, its such a great joy hearing you play and seeing the happiness in your face when you play. I watch videos of you all the time, but i really hope one day i will be able to shake your hand and get a picture with you.

(3865) Jim Spriggs
Mon, 17 March 2014 00:06:39 +0000

Dear Tommy,

your Munich gig last week was pure, unadulterated joy, and the stupid grin I wore continuously for that hour and a half still keeps creeping back onto my dial in unguarded moments.
I shook your hand after the show, but don't worry, I'm NOT going to write that I "felt I had touched the hand of ".
No, that brief touch was enough to confirm that you're just another bloke, like about half of the rest of humanity, and I dare say many of us are just as full of music as you.
Unfortunately for us, we, unlike you, do not posess the priceless gift of being able to express ourselves through that music so completely, that our audience is moved to smile, to laugh with us, or even to tears.

You lucky b*stard!

Thank you.

(3864) Rob Liles
Sun, 16 March 2014 16:07:55 +0000


Saw you in Baton Rouge recently. Your gift of guitar picking is amazing. You have inspired me to focus on my own picking. Last night I worked diligently on Somewhere over the Rainbow. What an arrangement.

Just wanted to say thanks for sharing your God given talent to the world.

Rob Liles

(3863) Oliver
Sun, 16 March 2014 13:11:13 +0000


I saw your show in Linz/Austria at the Flaming Strings Festival and it was as always just amazing. It was the fourth time I heard you. I just want to say that you bring so much joy to the people and I want to thank you for that. Thanks for your work, for your passion and your music. If you´re coming to Austria the next time I will be there again :)

Stay healthy! All the best for your future,

(3862) Andy Atwill
Sun, 16 March 2014 09:28:40 +0000

Hi me old mate of now 40 years.
Someone just showed me "My life as a one man band".
I watched it with a huge grin on my face and was transported back to Kings Cross, when I was a bright-eyed 17 year old that got snuck into "Son of Roxy" to see the person termed as "You really have to check this guy out, he is like nothing you have ever seen..."
I sat riveted and said Hi to you. I think you said something funny like "Does your mother know you are here?". :)
I remember some good and [bad] Japanese meals and the Jewish man that bought the Japanese restaurant and named it "So sue me".

Most of all heading towards the 60 mark now the video reminded me why I was always glad to know you and distance has no meaning, whether we see each other or not.
Thanks for the memories.
Luv ya

(3861) Anna Morpurgo
Sun, 16 March 2014 09:03:42 +0000

Dear Tommy,

I was yesterday in your wonderful concert in Linz Brucknerhaus - you are a really brilliant guitarist and great musician! My 11 years old daughter was absolutely excited about your bravery!

We will never forget this evening.

Best wishes for your future,

Anna and Francesca

(3860) Gary
Sun, 16 March 2014 04:14:18 +0000

Tommy, I play the guitar as a hobbie ( I guess im ok ), with me, when i go to the studio to play with friends - we dont perform, its just a few guys ( in our 50's) , drink a little scotch and try to make music - its great. But i have to say, after all these years, i still pretty much have to memorize what im playing. My question to you as a master of masters player is: Tommy, can you possibly explain to me in a few words, how do you do what you do, how do you define your ability? To watch you play, while not looking at your guitar, and play the most complex melodic sounds with 200 percent confidence - never a note out of place - its down right astonding to me.
I mean, how do you define what your brain hears and immediately transposing thousands of notes onto to the fret board. Please respond. I only wish there was a technology that would allow me to be inside your head when your playing. Continue on with your totally great gift, life and the ability to move the hell out of us watching/listening to you play. What can i say, I wish i had your talent traveling the world bringing it to audiences - Incredible!. Please live to 150 - and dont get arthurtis. Thanks for music. Gary

(3859) Ivan Djuran
Sat, 15 March 2014 20:42:50 +0000

Hello Tommy,

I listen your music everyday, it became my daily routine.
I'm really impressed how you play, your skills are on top!
By the way i live in Bosnia and people in my country don't listen guitar only the Accordion so i wanted to be the one who listen your songs. It's really amazing to hear that riffs and technique!

I found on You tube something about you about 2 years ago. Till now I am impressed and your music helped me, gave me motivation for playing!

Kind regards,