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(3148) Walter Vergeer
Thu, 4 July 2013 19:42:46 +0000

Hi Tommy, This message is to let you know I am a admirer and after I,ve heard Borsalino played by you, this harmonic, happy making musicstyle ánd the first two notes inspired me to create a song I,ve written for Brass-ensemble. If you like you can listen on youtube by using this link.

It is called Marzzy a combination of march and jazzy. I've written it just for fun!
It is played by the Fanfare in my hometown.

Have fun and please go on make people happy!

Best regards, Walter.

(3147) Jorge Vazquez
Wed, 3 July 2013 23:38:40 +0000

I was looking for a performance of Classical Gas... and I discovered yours. What a way of mastering the fretboard. Then, I started watching other of your videos on YouTube. You are an absolute entertainer: funny, skillful, and talented. You have an incredible sense of humor and you play the guitar extremely good. The guitar is like part of your body. Amazing!

Could you tell me the brand for a triple guitar stand like the one you use on stage? It looks strong. And one for a good capo?

(3146) Dennis Morgan
Wed, 3 July 2013 20:30:45 +0000

Tommy - You are SO MUCH FUN to watch! I look forward to the day you play somewhere on the Mid-Atlantic seaboard USA. dennis morgan, VA, USA

**Tommy just played up and down the East Coast ...sorry you missed him! 

He'll be back before you know it, so sign up for the mailing list to get the news first! -admin**

(3145) Denny
Wed, 3 July 2013 12:12:15 +0000

Hello, Tommy, or guys, who're reading my letter before show it Tommy! You are all the best at your jobs!
I know, that you, Tommy, have a lot work to do, but I hope you'll find some time to read my message.
Of course I am your big fan, but I have a problem, I am from Ukraine. I'm sure you don't know about Ukraine, however a few years ago you've been here. It is the biggest country in Europe, that contains with the biggest amount of government thieves, but we're not supposed to talk about it.
I opened you as a musician to myself a few months ago. And now I have a wish to see you in the concert and maybe to chat with you some day. Remember my problem? OK, I have another one! I don't have enough money to fly abroad. So after a lot of thinking, I found out what we could do, why don't you fly in Kiev and make a concert here? You would earn some money, I would be able to see you live, AND, remember that story about martini? Well, I am not a fan of alkohol, but I am sure, that I make the best cappuccino in the world!
So, I am waiting for your answer,
P. S. Sorry for my english.
Your sincerely,

(3144) Gerry
Wed, 3 July 2013 11:29:55 +0000

Hi Tommy, any plans to play Ireland?

(3143) greg parrott
Wed, 3 July 2013 01:25:15 +0000

hello there young man. I'm just wondering how to get a small check to you. I have been trying to learn "cowboys dream" on you tube, that some miscreant has posted on you tube. Perhaps not the biggest theft on planet earth, but its just not right. It has over 6,000 hits. Maybe you should send him a bill for forty or fifty thousand? Anyway, thanks for the inspiration to pick up a guitar again after a forty year layoff and the loss of the tip of a finger. Can't begin to tell you how much I've enjoyed your playing. (I started in 1961 with a couple of lessons from Chet's nephew Jimmy)in Decatur, Ga. To a 13year old, they sounded identical. Anyway best of luck, and I really would like to pay for my lesson

(3142) chris j. newton
Wed, 3 July 2013 00:07:50 +0000

Sir I just discovered you a few days ago and I could never have imagined the speed, complexity & obvious joy you get while playing. I am so sad I missed you here in Toronto but I will be there next time. I have to stop listening at night though cause every night as I try to sleep your 12 bar, classical gas or Beatles tunes (Here Comes the Sun, sorry George but.....) play in my mind! Thank you Sir a talent like yours should be better recognized, how the f**k have I not heard of you? I will have the opportunity to golf w Joe Bouchard from The Blue Oyster Cult fame next month (through a friend of mine nothing to do w me) and I will make a point of asking him about you.....just curious about a few things in his answer. Keep having fun Sir, from a new fan. Chris

(3141) Jas McDaniel
Tue, 2 July 2013 22:23:33 +0000

Hi Tommy,
First of all, i love your music, thank you! I met you a few times in Brisbane where i lived for 10 years. I married Steve Russell ( a piano player who played before you at the Jazz Club several years ago). .. I remember that you had recently had a daughter yourself (ours is 23 now) but at the time at the club, you kissed her on the forehead (she was only a few months old) and we shared the joy of parenthood. Steve and I are not together anymore, and I live in the States now, and am a photographer and have purchased tickets to come and see you in September with my 3 children. I would dearly love the opportunity to photograph you if it is at all possible. Even if it was a sound check... it came to me to just take a chance and ask... I remember another friend "John Malcolm" asking you for advice on his guitar playing and you said "chop your fingers off" - we have laughed about that for years.... also heard you and Phil play a lot together in the early days... anyway, just wanted to take a shot... my phone number is 608-432-2224 and I would love to see you.
Thanks for your time and consideration!
Jas McDaniel

(3140) Aaron Short
Sun, 30 June 2013 23:01:42 +0000


It was such a pleasure to meet you last night after watching you play on YouTube for all these years!

It was a wonderful performance and I hope that I can come to another meet and greet to play a song with you next time you are in NYC. Thank you for the inspiration and music!

Aaron (The British guy)

(3139) Igor
Sun, 30 June 2013 18:50:55 +0000

Hi, Tommy. My name is Igor, I'm from Russia. I don't know english very well, sorry :)
I want to say: you are fantastic musician. I am 48 years old but I am your fan! ))
Thank you very much for your play...