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(3005) Uwe
Fri, 24 May 2013 23:41:40 +0000

I just saw you on youtube. Yes, it's illegal in Germany but even a hard life passes.
On your website I saw that you play in Charleston on June 14th. And guess who hits Charleston on his trip to the US on June 14th? Right. Unfortunately the tickets in the front rows are already sold out and so I took two seats on the balcony.

Hope my car and your fingers don't break until then.

See you
(from Bavaria, Germany)

Your map link for August, 3rd is merely 400 km away from the actual festival site. This is the right link:,6.733611&spn=0.010071,0.02959&z=17

(3004) Jake Boesen
Fri, 24 May 2013 20:25:23 +0000

My wife and I are coming to the Birchmere in Virginia June 17 to see you play. I saw some of videos on line and you are a true artist. Inspiring. Oddly enough, a few months back I took up the guitar again after a long hiatus. I should have never put it down. I find such peace in playing it, although after several years away from it, I do not play all that well. Nevertheless, I am now committed until my last day. What is your mantra? "Now get to work" I think. Will do. 20 years in the military taught me that. For now, looking forward to your concert. God bless,

(3003) Gisele Smith
Fri, 24 May 2013 13:49:27 +0000

Good morning Tommy and welcome to Moncton!

My husband Bob surprised me by purchasing us 2 tickets to attend your concert tonight quite some time ago. The surprise was certainly on me as I have to honestly admit that I did not know you by name... or... fame.

My husband has been an avid fan of music in general for all of his 63 years and needless to say HE was very happy when he learned that you were coming to Moncton. I was obviously curious enough to Google your name today and, yes...I will be in the audience with my shy but thrilled Bob tonight.

Hope you havet he opportunity to enjoy some of our Maritime hospitality and I have no doubt that we will mutually enjoy our night together here in Moncton.

Gisele Smith

(3002) Ron Vickers
Fri, 24 May 2013 05:22:47 +0000

Tommy, I just saw that you are coming to Atlantic Canada in 2013. I am from the most beautiful and unique place in Canada (and the world if you'd listen to anyone from the Rock!) and I'd gladly welcome an opportunity to see you anywhere in Canada. I re-located to western Canada for employment purposes 10 years ago and now I fell truly are playing 4000 miles away in Atlantic Canada.

I'm so happy for my eastern brothers to have a chance to experience you in concert...but when are you doing a show in western Canada or even Pacific-North-Western United States? I've been waiting for years!!!

Please come to Alberta!

(3001) Paul Bellamy
Thu, 23 May 2013 19:11:01 +0000

Hi Tommy,
just watched via Youtube your concert in St Louis (2000 I think) - its the most inspirational guitar playing I have ( or will ever see) seen.
Hope you continue for many more years - good luck.
Paul Bellamy, South Wales. UK.

(3000) Neil
Thu, 23 May 2013 17:57:44 +0000


Hope you have the Cd with you and Martin Taylor when you perform this weekend in Halifax! Martin was one of my favorite guitarist years ago when I was studying jazz and found his Sarabanda Album. Looking forward to hearing you together!


(2999) Neil Colosimo
Thu, 23 May 2013 17:53:27 +0000

Hey Tommy,

looking forward to a fun entertaining night in Halifax this coming weekend. Giver!


(2998) Don Peer
Wed, 22 May 2013 23:24:37 +0000

Hey Tommy, supposed to be at your show in Toronto tonight, but I broke some bones in my foot a couple of days ago and in too much pain to make it ... So sad, waited forever to finally catch you live. My girlfriend is going to be at the show so if you get this in time could you please play a song for her and tell her it is from Don to Terry.

If you don't get this in time or can't then that's totally cool and I hope you have an amazing show ,,, BTW ... Congrats on being such a great human being ... Some of things that you have done for others are what gives the world some hope.

Take Care,


(2997) ed hasnen
Wed, 22 May 2013 17:49:42 +0000

Sure would be great to find these live performances on dVD.
I see now way to get them off of YouTube !

(2996) Igor
Tue, 21 May 2013 23:17:26 +0000

Am i really talking to Tommy here? If i am,i wanted to ask can i at least be a friend with you? :D