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(2968) Andi
Wed, 8 May 2013 07:47:23 +0000

Hi Tommy!

Would be wonderful if you come to austria this year!
For me, you are one of the most inspiring guitarist...

greets, Andi

(2967) James Arvanitis
Wed, 8 May 2013 01:21:21 +0000

Please, Tommy, come in Greece some time. Thank you for all this music. Im a big fan of your work, I dont know what to say, God bless you, thats all...

(2966) Matteo Palmer
Wed, 8 May 2013 00:58:50 +0000

Hi Mr. Emmanuel,
I am HUGE fan of yours and am planning on seeing your show in Burlington, VT on June 21. I noticed that there is no opening act and I am wondering if you would consider letting me open your show with a small set. I am 17 years old and currently working with Will Ackerman on my first CD. I play acoustic fingerstyle guitar and have also been working with local guitarist Paul Asbell. I would be honored to warm up for you. I sent an email to Boone Carter but received no reply so I thought I'd take a chance and contact you directly.
Whether I hear back or not, I will be in the audience with my father that night enjoying your tremendous talent. Sincerely,
Matteo Palmer

(2965) Terri Houston
Mon, 6 May 2013 20:46:55 +0000

Tommy, I'm a huge fan, recently discovering your amazing musical talents at concerts in North Carolina. I'm spiritually moved by your music and would be honored to perform your song "Walls" at church, but can't seem to find sheet music to purchase. Can you suggest a way to acquire the sheet music as I have the CD & DVD, but wanted your permission to perform the song for church with guitar accompaniment.

Bless you and Thank you for touching our lives with your gifts!
PS see you June 7th at the Carolina Theatre

(2964) Ed Faber
Mon, 6 May 2013 00:06:35 +0000

Hey Tommy

I am from Glasgow Scotland and was recently introducing the son of a friend of mine in New York, to your music. The lad is currently learning guitar. It inspired me to check your tour dates and noticed you have dates to play in England but not in Scotland!

Please do add a date in Glasgow and/or Edinburgh in 2013. We'd love to see you.

Ed Faber

(2963) jack foley
Sun, 5 May 2013 22:02:51 +0000


I notice that you sometimes use a capo. I wonder why, since you are playing alone, and can use any key or register you wish, with no other players or a singer to align with.

I've only recently discovered you and your music. Your videos make my ears very happy, but are tough on the ego of a living room guitar hobbyist like me. Thanks for your hard work.

Good shooting,

Jack Foley, Rhode Island, USA

(2962) Oscar Mendez
Sun, 5 May 2013 17:31:36 +0000

Good afternoon Tommy!

How are you man! thanks for inspired me with your awesome music.

You are my guitar idol. I hope meet you!

I´m also play guitar and would like that you listen one of my songs please!

check it out, is a honour to me....

please read my message!

thanks Tommy.

(2961) Geordie Scarce
Sun, 5 May 2013 09:01:03 +0000

Hi Tommy Emmanuel,

If it is really you reading this, then please shoot me an email at I would really appreciate it.

So, I'm Geordie, and I'm 14. I've been playing guitar since I was about 11 or 12. I learnt Classical Gas because I love the way you play it.

Some of my favourite bands are Brother Fox, AC/DC, Guns n Roses, Dire Straits, you, and especially The Eagles.

I live in Australia, and I'm super-curious about where you are going to tour.
Tell me this - are you considering coming to Bendigo in Victoria? Have you been there before? Do you like it? Anyways, I'd love it if you did come, and maybe we could have a jam backstage?!

Love your work mate,

Geordie Scarce

(2960) Idan
Sat, 4 May 2013 18:03:22 +0000

Hey tommy what's up?
Please come to Israel agian!
You performance is damn good and inspiring
We love you here and want you to come!
Hope you'll come soon :)

(2959) dave willetts
Fri, 3 May 2013 16:12:47 +0000

my wife and me saw tommy at colston hall in bristol truly inspired awesome my fingers are now in knots. we live in gloucester close to the welsh boarder and the sheep are getting edgy.