GuitarMastery The Guitar Mastery of Tommy Emmanuel (2014)





Disc One

Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Tall Fiddler
Endless Road
La Visita
Windy and Warm
I Still Can’t Say Goodbye
Gameshow Rag/Cannonball Rag
The Mystery
Lewis & Clark
Cantina Sense
Antonella’s Birthday
Cowboy’s Dream
Sunset (bonus track)

Disc Two

The Welsh Tornado
Ruby’s Eyes
Halfway Home
Moon River (instrumental)
The Fingerlakes
Smokey Mountain Lullaby
Haba Na Haba (instrumental)
The Tennessee Waltz
Guitar Boogie
Only Elliot (bonus track)
Mombasa (live)
Beatles Medley (live)
Questions (live)


 LandSCOVER    Live and Solo in Pensacola, FL (2013)

Tracklist: (same for CD and DVD)

- El Vaquero*
- Hope Street
- The Bug*
- Traveling Clothes
- Endless Road
- Countrywide*
- Dixie McGuire
- Waltzing Matilda*
- Miyazaki’s Dream
- Windy and Warm
- Secret Love
- Blood Brother
- Angelina
- The Duke
- The Trails
- Drums
- The TE Ranch*
*bonus, “hands-only” camera angle available for these tracks

Colonel&Governor-Flexi-Packshot the Colonel and the Governor (2013)





I Won’t Last a Day Without You
Jersey Bounce
Bernie’s Tune
A Smooth One
Heat Wave
One Day
Lullaby of Birdland
The Nearness of You
Down at Cocomo’s
The Fair Haired Child
Secret Love
Wonderful Baby
I Wish I Knew How it Would Feel to be Free


  • Tommy Emmanuel Christmas Album  All I Want for Christmas (2011)

1.      Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer  -John D. Marks
arranged by Tommy Emmanuel and John Knowles
feat.  Tommy Emmanuel, John Knowles

2.      White Christmas  -Irvin Berlin
featuring Tommy Emmanuel, John Knowles, Aubrey Haynie

3.       Jingle Bells  -James Lord Pierpoint
featuring Tommy Emmanuel, John Knowles

4.      The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on
an Open Fire)  -Mel Torme & Bob Wells
featuring Tommy Emmanuel, John Knowles,
David Davidson, David Angel, Kristin Wilkinson, Anthony LaMarchina

5.      Winter Wonderland  -Felix Bernard & Richard B. Smith
featuring Tommy Emmanuel, John Knowles, Aubrey Haynie

6.      Mary’s Boy Child  -Jester Hairston
featuring Tommy Emmanuel

7.      Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town  -J Fred Coots & Haven Gillespie
featuring Tommy Emmanuel

8.      The Magic of Christmas Time  (instrumental)  -Rick Price
Featuring Tommy Emmanuel, Rick Price

9.     One Christmas Night  -Tommy Emmanuel
featuring Tommy Emmanuel

10.    I’ll be Home for Christmas -Kim Gannon, Walter Kent & Buck Ram
featuring Tommy Emmanuel, John Knowles,
David Davidson, David Angel, Kristin Wilkerson, Anthony LaMarchina

11.     Silent Night  -Franz Gruber
featuring Tommy Emmanuel, John Knowles,
David Davidson, David Angel, Kristin Wilkerson, Anthony LaMarchina

12.    How Great Thou Art  -traditional
featuring Tommy Emmanuel, David Davidson, David Angel, Kristin Wilkerson, Anthony LaMarchina




  • Little by littleLittle by Little (2010)

No# of tracks: 24USA Favored Nation Records

Produced by Kim Person

Disc 1:
1. Half Way Home
2. The Jolly Swagman
3. Locomotivation
4. Haba Na Haba (Instrumental)
5. Tears For Jerusalem
6. Waiting For A Plane
7. The Fingerlakes
8. The Welsh Tornado
9. He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother (with Dr. John Knowles cgp)
10. Mighty Mouse
11. Ruby’s Eyes
12. Moon River (Instrumental)
Disc 2:
1. Jack Magic
2. Papa George
3. Haba Na Haba (vocal, with Pam Rose)
4. Tapestry (with Doyle Dykes)
5. Mountains of Illinois
6. The Tennessee Waltz (with Dr. John Knowles cgp)
7. Countrywide
8. Moon River (with Rick Price)
9. Willie’s Shades (with Anthony Snape)
10. Smokey Mountain Lullaby
11. Guitar Boogie
12. The Trails

  • Just Between Frets (2009)

    No# of tracks: 12
    Solid Air Records


1 Tenderly (3:53)
2 Clouds/Nuages (4:57)
3 How High the Moon (4:23)
4 I’ve Got a Crush on You* (1:00)
5 Young at Heart* (3:23)
6 Swing 39/Swing 42 (6:18)
7 Sweet Dreams (3:33)
8 Paper Moon (5:36)
9 Django’s Castle (4:20)
10 Swing 09 (3:29)
11 NatureBoy (4:31)
12 Just Us 4 All (7:34)


  • Center Stage (2008)

    No# of tracks: 24
    USA Favoured Nation Records

The Finger Lakes
Papa George ** previously unreleased
Train to Dusseldorf
I Go To Rio
Nine Pound Hammer
Old Town
And So It Goes
The Jolly Swagman ** previously unreleased
Sukiyaki ** previously unreleased
Happy Hours
Ruby’s Eyes ** previously unreleased
Beatles Medley

Workin’ Man BLues (with Bob Littell on harmonica)
Georgia On My Mind (with Bob Littell on harmonica)
House of the Risin’ Sun (with Bob Littell on harmonica)
Amazing Grace (with Bob Littell on harmonica)
Story of a Little Boy
Tall Fiddler
Cowboy’s Dream
Morning Aire
Lenny ‘Bro ** previously unreleased


  • The MysteryThe Mystery (2006)

    No# of tracks: 12
    AUS ABC Music
    USA Favoured Nation Records

Cantina Senese
Gameshow Rag/Cannonball Rag*
The Mystery*
Cowboy’s Dream
Lewis & Clark*
The Diggers’ Waltz*
Antonella’s Birthday*
And So It Goes
That’s The Spirit
Keep It Simple


  • Live OneLive One (2005)

    No# of tracks: 28
    Produced and mixed by Rod Tamlyn
    Recorded by Ernie Rose and mastered by Don Bartley

Disc One
1. Beatles Medley
2. Peter Allen Medley/Waltzing Mathilda
3. Classical Gas
4. Old Fashioned Love Song
5. Son Of A Gun
6. Dixie McGuire
7. Country Wide
8. Saltwater
9. Borsalino
10. Up From Down Under
11. Morning Aire
12. Those Who Wait
13. Michelle
14. Questions
15. Angelina
16. Precious Time/That’s The Spirit
17. Mona Lisa
18. Mombasa

Disc Two
1. Amazing Grace
2. House Of The Rising Sun
3. Guitar Rag
4. Blue Moon
5. Mozzarella Tarantella
6. Guitar Boogie
7. Train To Dusseldorf
8. One Mint Julep
9. The Hunt
10. Initiation


  • Endless RoadEndless Road (2004)

    No# of tracks: 17
    AUS ABC Music
    USA Favoured Nation Records

1. Endless Road
2. Tall Fiddler
3. (The Man With The) Green Thumb
4. Bella Soave
5. Morning Aire
6. Angelina
7. Windy & Warm
8. Chet’s Ramble
9. Son Of A Gun
10. Sanitarium Shuffle
11. La Visita
12. Mona Lisa
13. Christmas Memories/Wheels
14. Old Town
15. Somewhere Over The Rainbow
16. I Still Can’t Say Goodbye
17. Today Is Mine
18. Struttin’
19. Pegao


  • Greatest Hits (2001)

    No# of tracks: 28
    Double-CD AUS

  • OnlyOnly (2000)

    Producer/Engineer: Rod Tamlyn
    USA Favoured Nation Records

1. Those Who Wait
2. I’ve Always Thought Of You
3. Mombasa
4. Timberlake Road
5. Questions
6. Padré
7. Luttrell
8. Since We Met
9. Drivetime
10. The Robin
11. Train To Dusseldorf
12. Biskie
13. Stay Close to Me
14. Ol’ Brother Hubbard

special edition
15. The Hunt
16. Cantina Senese
17. Mozarella Tarantella
18. Endless Road
19. Chet’s Ramble


  • Collaboration (1998)

    No# of tracks: 13
    CD AUS


1. Fiesta (featuring guitarist Slava Grigoryan)
2. Mary Had A Little Jam (featuring trumpeter James Morrison)
3. After The Love Is Gone (featuring harmony group CDB)
4. Workin’ Man Blues (featuring Troy Cassar-Daley)
5. Imagine (featuring harmony group Human Nature)
6. Amanda’s Room (featuring Ben Northey on Alto Sax)
7. For The First Time (featuring Rick Price)
8. Reminiscing (featuring Glenn Shorrock)
9. Change For Good (featuring Randy Goodrum on Piano and Keyboards)
10. Last Time I Saw You (featuring Ben Northey on Alto Sax)
11. Smokey Mountain Lullaby (featuring Chet Atkins on guitar)
12. Imagine (reprise) featuring Human Nature


  • Can’t Get Enough (1996)

    No# of tracks: 13
    CD AUS Columbia
    USA (entitled “Midnight Drive”, 12 tracks, missing “How Many Sleeps”)

1. Can’t Get Enough
2. No More Goodbyes
3. Song For Nature
4. Stay Close To Me
5. Villa De Martin
6. Change For Good
7. Midnight Drive
8. The Inner Voice
9. Reggie’s Groove
10. Drivetime
11. Red Velvet Cake
12. How Many Sleeps?
13. Fields of Gold


  • Classical Gas (1995)

    No# of tracks: 12


1. Classical Gas
2. The Journey
3. Run A Good Race
4. Concierto De Aranjuez
5. She Never Knew
6. Gollywogs Cake Walk/English Country Garden
7. Who Dares Wins
8. Initiation
9. The Hunt
10. Countrywide
11. Pan Man
12. Padre

  • Initiation (1995)

    No# of tracks: 13
    CD AUT Columbia COL 478002 2


  • The Journey Continues (1993)

    No# of tracks: 21
    Double-CD AUS Columbia (“The Journey” + 9 track bonus disc)
    MC AUS Columbia

  • The Journey (1993)

    No# of tracks: 12
    Produced by Rick Neigher
    CD AUS Columbia 474489 2
    CAN 550 Music/Epic BK 57865 (missing “Amy” added “Initiation”)
    USA (missing “Amy” added “Initiation”)

1. Tailin’ The Invisible Man
2. Big Brother
3. Somethin’s Goin’ On
4. Hellos & Goodbyes
5. The Journey
6. If Your Heart Tells You To
7. Like Family
8. Don’t Hold Me Back
9. Villa Anita
10. White Picket Fences
11. The Big Swell
12. Amy


  • Determination (1992)

    No# of tracks: 13
    Produced by Robie Porter
    CD AUS MEGA 469132 2
    MC AUS

1. Who Dares Wins
2. Mountains Of Truth
3. Determination
4. ‘Cross The Nullabor
5. Initiation
6. From The Hip
7. Imagine
8. When you Come Home
9. Fiesta
10. Precious Time
11. The Sweetest Love
12. Stevie’s Blues
13. Nu Shoos Blues


  • Dare To Be Different (1990)

    No# of tracks: 13
    Produced by Robie Porter and Rod Tamlyn
    CD AUS MEGA 468819 2

1. The Rise and Fall of Flingel Bunt
2. Daybreak Again
3. Jacaranda
4. Countrywide
5. Games of Love and Lonliness
6. Run A Good Race
7. Guitar Concierto De Aranjuez
8. Tequila Slammer
9. Hearts Grow Fonder
10. Blue Moon
11. Guitar Boogie
12. Encore: Up From Down Under
13. Raindance Teaser


  • Up From Down Under (1987)

    No# of tracks: 10
    Produced by Rod Tamlyn and Tommy Emmanuel
    CD AUS Artful Balance
    AUS MEGA 468820 2

1. Up From Down Under
2. Raindance
3. Daybreak
4. Lady Madonna
5. Soul Search
6. Michelle
7. Initiation
8. Turning Point
9. Times Change
10. Night Sky


  • From Out Of Nowhere (1979)

    No# of tracks: 10
    CD AUS Trafalgar (issued 1990)
    LP AUS Trafalgar


Limehouse Blues
Dixie Breakdown
Orange Mountain Special
Steel Guitar Rag
Roly Poly


Out Of Nowhere
Big Beaver
String Of Pearls
Canadian Sunset
Dixie McGuire

With other artists:


        • With Frank Vignola

          Just Between Frets (2009)

          No# of tracks: 12 (see track-listing above)

        • With Chet Atkins

          The Day Finger Pickers Took Over The World (1997)

          No# of tracks: 11
          CD AUS

1. Borsalino
2. To ‘B’ Or Not To ‘B’
3. The Day Fingerpickers Took Over The World
4. Tip Toe Through The Bluegrass
5. News From The Outback
6. Ode To Mel Bay
7. Dixie McGuire
8. Saltwater
9. Mr. Guitar
10. Road To Gundaghi/Waltzing Mathilda
11. Smokey Mountain Lullaby


        • With Phil Emmanuel

          Terra Firma (1995)

          No# of tracks: 16
          CD AUS Columbia 661215 2
          MC AUS Columbia 661215 4

1. (Back On The) Terra Firma
2. Love Gone West
3. Nashville Express
4. Rondo Ala Turka
5. Theme From “Missing”
6. Happy Go Lucky Guitar
7. Bendin’ It
8. Optimism Part One
9. Shindig
10. Town Hall Shuffle
11. Last Post
12. Ashokan Farewell
13. Rise and Shine
14. Optimism Part Two
15. The Shaker
16. AC/DC Medley: Riff Raff/Let There Be Rock


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