Guitar Camp USA 2014

Guitar Camp

Tommy talks about his upcoming
Guitar Camp in Big Indian, NY.
Teachers include Joe Robinson, Jim Nichols,
John Knowles… and of course:  Tommy!
 Check out the video, and click the banner below
for more information.  There are still
some spots available…sign up now!
Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 1.19.07 PM

Tommy performance streaming online!

Infinity Hall Live

In June 2013, Tommy performed to a sold out crowd at
the Infinity Hall in Norfolk, Connecticut. 
The show is now available online for a very limited time! 
Check it out below!

tour update

The Pan-Canadian 2014 Tour starts this week!
click below or visit
for more details!


…and Halifax on June 1st!


Tommy on Public Television


US Public Television Stations will once again be showing
Tommy performances as part of their pledge drive!
Oregon – SOPTV*
Wed  – May 7, 8pm
Fri -  May 9, 1am
*This station will be offering tickets to upcoming Tommy concerts in the area!
TE balboa 10
New York – WLIW*
Sat – May 10, 11pm
*This station will be offering tickets to upcoming Tommy concerts in the area!
Ohio – WGTE*
Wed – April 30, 9pm
Thur – May 1, 1am
Thur – May 1, 5am
*This station is not offering tickets, but will be offering
the exclusive “Live at the Balboa” CD and DVD as part of pledge packages

Italy 2014 with Anthony Snape

Tour Updates

The Italy 2014 tour starts today!
With special guest Anthony Snape opening
April 28 – Empoli (Florence) –
April 29 – Rome –
April 30 – Catania –
May 2 – Trieste -
May 3 – Milan (Bovisio Masciago)* –
May 4 – Milan (Assago) –
May 5 – Verona –
May 6 – Genova –
May 7 – Bologna -
May 8 – Torino –

Stevie’s Blues: An International Jam

Interactive global jam

Here is your chance to jam with Tommy!
Stevie’s Blues: The International Blues Jam… played by people all over the world!

All you need to do is:
1) Listen to this video with headphones and play along. You can play the main riff, rhythm or solo – it’s up to you.
2) Record yourself playing, any instrument is welcome! It doesn’t have to be amazing quality, as long as we can hear the notes well.
3) Upload your video to a file sharing site (some listed below).
4) Email your shared file to WITH your name and country (where you were playing in the video).
5) Keep an eye on Tommy’s Facebook, Twitter, newsletter, Google+ or Youtube for the release of the International Blues Jam video!

Please note:
- If there are a huge number of submissions, we will pick out a variety a videos at our discretion.
- Don’t worry about your skill level! This is about enjoying music and is not a competition! Everyone will have an equal chance of getting picked.
- Only ONE submission per person.
- The deadline is the 25th of May

Some file sharing sites:

Chords: E7 E7 A7 E7 B7 A7 E7

Stevie’s Blues is a piece by Tommy that is on his album, Determination (band version). It is an homage to the legendary Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Video and Upcoming shows


Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Tommy arranged this version in the 1970s and it has since evolved over
countless performances.  Check it out once again, and feel free to like and share!
Track available on Endless Road

Upcoming Italy Dates

April 28 – Empoli (Florence)
April 29 – Rome
April 30 – Catania
May 2 – Trieste
May 3 – Milan (Bovisio Masciago)*  -guitar workshop only
May 4 – Milan (Assago)
May 5 – Verona
May 6 – Genova
May 7 – Bologna
May 8 – Torino
With Anthony Snape opening!
Anthony appears on the album Little by Little

Other Artist News

Tommy fans are familiar with Rick Price from
the albums Little by Little and All I Want for Christmas


Click above to be a part of his new album
and check out his upcoming dates in Texas… hope you can make it!
May 1 – Cactus Cafe – Austin
May 3 & 4 – iFest – Houston

Tour Updates – Guitar Camps

 Guitar Camp

Click below to check out the video from
Tommy’s 2013 Guitar Camp in Collaroy, Australia

Space may still be available for the upcoming
camps in the US and Australia..  click below for more details!



Tour dates! 


Jacksonville ORJuly 26 – Britt Festivals
Britt-Member presale starts April 11th – public on sale date May 16th


ShetlandNov 6 – To Be Announced!
check back for updates

the Netherlands

all on sale April 12th at 10am

AmsterdamNov 17 – Koninklijk Theatre Carre

UtrechtNov 18 – TivoliVredenburg

EindhovenNov 19 – Muziekgebouw

HerleenNov 22 – Parkstad Limburg Theatre

GroningenNov 23 – De Oosterpoort

RotterdamNov 24 – De Doelen


All on sale now

OsnabrückNov 11 – Rosenhof

NeunhausNov 21 – Aula des Lise-Meitner Gym

RemchingenNov 26 – Kulturhalle Remchingen

HeidelbergNov 27 – Kongresshaus Stadthalle



All on sale soon!

LodzNov 30 – Klub Wytwornia

KrakowDec 1 – Filharmonia

WarsawDec 2 – Palladium

GdyniaDec 3 – Concert Hall Port Morski

BialystokDec 4 – Theatre im Wegierki

LublinDec 5 – Aula Collegium Maius

PoznanDec 6 – Aula U.A.M.

Screen shot 2012-04-02 at 3.34.21 PM
click above for ALL tour details WORLDWIDE!

UK – Hungary – Latvia – Russia – Germany

Tour 2014

Dates are selling out!


Click the link or call the numbers below for ticket details!

Bestwig – April 1 – SOLD OUT!
Bestwig – April 2 –

Ekaterinburg – April 5 – phone +7 343 222 7000
Chelyabinsk – April 6 – phone +7 925 837 4390
Moscow/Krasnogorsk – April 8 – SOLD OUT!
Novosibirsk – April 10 –
Tula – April 11 – phone +7 487 256 8025
Obninsk – April 12 – phone +7 484 393 2095

Riga – April 14 – 

Pécs – April 16 -
Budapest – April 17 –

UK – (Budleigh Guitar Festival)
East Devon  – April 26 –


Upcoming Dates – New Video


Upcoming dates in Germany and Russia!  Some of the shows may be sold out online, so
telephone the number provided to see if there are tickets at the box-office!

Nürnberg – March 30 -phone 0911 2363 840
Bestwig – April 1 – SOLD OUT (see second show!)
Bestwig – April 2 –

Ekaterinburg – April 5 – phone +7 343 222 7000
Chelyabinsk – April 6 – phone +7 925 837 4390
Krasnogorsk/Moscow – April 8 –
Novosibirsk – April 10 –
Tula – April 11 – phone +7 487 256 8025
Obninsk – April 12 – phone +7 484 393 2095

Click here for worldwide dates and details!


Tommy and John Knowles are working on an album of love songs!
Check out the two CGPs take on the Bee Gees tune How Deep is Your Love

feel free to like and share…
…and sign up for the mailing list to stay informed on the new album!

Video and more PBS airings


If you haven’t already done so,
check out Tommy’s acoustic version of
Hellos and Goodbyes
Originally available on Tommy’s platinum
album The Journey


Below are some more PBS airdates… 
The stations will be offering exceptional seats
for upcoming performances!
South Dakota Public Broadcasting
March 16- 9pm


TE balboa 10
Bloomington, IN
March 12- 9:30pm

Tour Map and PBS airings


Check out the interactive tour map to see
if Tommy is performing near you!


US PBS stations are once again airing Tommy’s
performances as part of their pledge-drive!

These stations will be offering seats
to upcoming Tommy concerts!

Indianapolis, IN
March 10- 9pm
Alabama Public Television, AL
March 13 – 7pm
March 15 – 10:30 pm


TE balboa 10
New York, NY
WLIW – Long Island and NYC
March 8 – 11pm
Wichita, KS
March 12 – 7pm


TEDTalk – 100k views


Tommy’s informative and inspirational TEDTalk has
received over 100,000 views! Thanks for spreading the word!
Be sure to check the tourdates below to see
if Tommy is coming to a city near you!
Screen shot 2012-04-02 at 3.34.21 PM

“Bernie’s Tune,” upcoming dates

March 2014 Tour

Upcoming dates in March!

March 8 – Reykjavik, Iceland
March 10 – Munich, Germany
March 11 – Stuttgart, Germany
March 12 – Munich, Germany
March 14 – Weiz, Austria
March 15 – Linz Austria
March 19 – Zurich, Switzerland
March 21 – Cléon, France
March 23 – La Poire Sur Vie, France
March 25 – Cenon, France
March 26 – Bruguières, France
March 28 – Marseille, France
March 30 – Nürnberg, Germany

click below for all upcoming dates!

Screen shot 2011-08-29 at 5.43.20 PM


Tommy and Martin had a short break in Nashville before
wrapping up the Colonel and Governor 2014 US Tour.
The result was a recorded performance of Bernie’s Tune… enjoy!
album available below

UK Festival



Beatles 50

For the last few weeks, people all over the world have been sharing their
“50 Years of the Beatles” stories.  To join in, check out
Tommy’s 1990 arrangement of Day Tripper / Lady Madonna
(recorded and uploaded June 2013)
Feel free to like and share!
available on CenterStage